On Air gets an extension on the basis of strengthening the romance story

The production company for SBS “On Air” has announced that they would be adding doing a drama extension. According to sources from SBS and production, three more episodes will be added making it a total of 23 episodes.

On Air

The ratings for “On Air” on average has been over the 20% mark and is currently the highest rated drama in the Wed-Thus timeslot. With viewers clamouring for more romance scenes between Kim Ha Neul, Lee Bum Soo and Park Yong Ha (so this means Song Yun Ah was never in the picture?!), the original 20-parter will get an extension of 3 more episodes. Their reason: To better flesh out the triangle love story and make the drama more perfect.

They added, “From the initial conceptualisation, we wanted viewers to see how a television station functioned in reality. So we didn’t include too many romance scenes. But like how the initial drama name was (One-sided love), the relationships between the main leads is also an important part of the story. So it’s essential that we have this drama extension to flesh out the romance to make it more complete. We haven’t decide on the intricate details yet but we will try our best to accomodate our viewers wishes.”

They are going to mess up! WHY!

10 thoughts on “On Air gets an extension on the basis of strengthening the romance story

  1. Coofsmurf, why did you add “(so this means Song Yun Ah was never in the picture?!)”? They didn’t mentioned of her in the original article? ‘Cause I’m so freaking excited if it’s between Kim Ha Neul & the two guys. haha

  2. Extensions worked for “New Heart”…but I don’t think it will for “On Air”. How ironic, the writer and director is contradicting their own script. What happened to creating a drama that’s not concerned about ratings and only concerned about its integrity. Viewers could care less…they just want the sappy romances. Haha. I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I like romances too.

  3. most of the time, extentions fail more than it succeeds. yeah, i find it weird that they didn’t mention Song Yun Ah and said it was a triangle relationship meaning only 3 people is involved only isn’t it?

    i think they hope that the romance can spike the ratings up further than now

  4. Soyboy,agree completely.

    I’m interested to see who will end up with who. That’s kinda weird that they wouldn’t include Song Yun Ah though… I don’t like her character but I kinda was hoping that she’d end up with the and Lee Bum Soo would end up with Kim Ha Neul…

  5. Are they really that desperate for ratings?
    Extension almost never works! A total disappointment.
    When will they learn?

  6. can anyone explain why lee beom-su ends 99.9% of his scenes by sighing so “deeply” with “meaning”?

    he was far more creative in his “comic support” days. not this pint-sized romantic/earnest leading man-wannabe!


  7. actually, except for the extension thing, this is a really good, quality drama. i mean, it’s not the typical sappy romance 24/7 but it’s actually realistic. it’s not predictable and it’s also confusing… which is a really good change, don’t u think?

  8. @Anon, I just worry about the pacing of the drama. Yah it’s unpredictableness is what attracted me to watch in the 1st place.

  9. kyaa..on air!! i luv this drama ^_^ v
    the story was great.not too mellow drama.little confusing+complicated but that the reasons i luv this drama..make me think deeply ‘bot life. i learn more,,

    ehm..tought i watch little episode (12epsd), i think extension episode is not good. make the story will be weird,, n maybe not interesting anymore!
    i dunno why i like Sung Yun Ah acting. so amusement..hoho,,

    i agree with FTlove dat SYA’ll end up with Park Yong Ha,,hopefully,, ^.^

    yay,,Park Yong Ha is so handsome+cute..also has good voice..^_______^

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