Goo Hye Sun confirmed as Eric’s love interest in Strongest Chil Woo

KBS “Strongest Chil Woo” drama had already appointed Eric Mun as their male lead a long time ago and viewers have been curious as to who would be the female lead. It was finally announced that Goo Hye Sun will be the first female lead and act as Eric’s love interest in the drama. This will be her comeback drama since leaving the set of SBS “King and I” four months ago.

Eric and Goo Hye Sun

“Strongest Chil Woo” happens in the Joseon era and Eric plays a lowly officer for the investigation court in the day but becomes the strongest assassin at night. Goo Hye Sun meanwhile plays a girl who was born into a rich family from young but because of some problems, becomes a palace maid in the end. She is Eric’s first love and only woman that he loves. Because of her deep love for Eric plus some misunderstandings due to palace politics, she becomes indifferent and cold towards Eric. The both of them will act out a tragic romance.

According to the PD, “We saw Goo Hye Sun’s performance in ‘King and I’ and felt that her image was very close to what we were looking for in our drama, she also looks very compatible with Eric in appearance.” Goo Hye Sun has also expressed her delight with landing the role through her management, YG Family and says she will be preparing herself to get into gear very soo.

“Strongest Chil Woo” will begin filming at end April and start showing in June.

Yeah for another Goo Hye Sun drama and another period drama again, she seems to love it, this being her 4th consecutive one. But it’s her first mini-series.

7 thoughts on “Goo Hye Sun confirmed as Eric’s love interest in Strongest Chil Woo

  1. urgh…. isn’t the age gap a little too glaring?
    it’s no longer looking like oppa-dongseng relationship, but more like ajussi-niece relationship =_=

  2. ^The age gap is that bad, it’s only 5 years. There are other dramas with even larger age gaps. For example, Who Are You. The age difference between the two leads is 12 years. Now THAT’S an ahjussi-niece relationship.

  3. seriously, eric is busted! the way he looks just freakin’ creeps me out…especially when he had that mustache thing goin a while back. like euro-trash or something. ew.

  4. Wow, this is kind of a weird pairing. Eric has such a tough, hot, bad-boy image whereas Goo Hye Sun has a very clean, cute, bubbly image. Weird. I like both of them but not together. Maybe it will work better than we think?

  5. eric’s so hot…in any clothes even without hahaha! i just wish it was me whose gonna be paired up with him in that drama.. haha just wishful thinking… im going to wait for this drama hope it will create a big bang! hehee and i hope korean management who owns the dramas of eric will u please air the dramas here in the philippines.. hopefully in ABSCBN.. hehe… esp. the phoenix and korea secret agency.. and the sooper rookie! hehe go eric oppa! hehe…. good luck!

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