Battle for Best New Actress @ 44th Baeksang Arts Awards

The battle for the Best New Actress (TV section) award has come down to a fight between lanky female stars and those who have an adorable appearance.

Lee Ji Ah, Park Min Young, Park Shin Hye

We have Choi Yu Jin from SBS “Golden Bride”, Yoo In Yeong from KBS “Likeable or Not” and Lee Ji Ah from MBC “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” as the lanky female star representatives while on the other side, we have Park Shin Hye from MBC “Ggak-du-gi” and Park Min Young from KBS “I Am Sam” as the adorable female star representatives. It’s pretty difficult to separate them and predict a winner.

Lee Ji Ah had a pretty impressive breakthrough debut in “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” but you can’t discount the possiblity of Park Min Young or Park Shin Hye especially who has turn herself from a girl into a woman in the drama. On the other hand, Yoo In Yeong and Choi Yu Jin roles as “evil” women in their respective dramas have been pretty impressive too.

Lee Ji Ah has been the breakout star in 2007. Her cheerful character in “Tae Wang Sa Shing Gi” plus her convincing acting has totally charmed viewers.

Park Min Young has however managed to cut into Lee Ji Ah’s rising popularity and extending her own charm, on her way to becoming a star herself. In “I Am Sam”, Park Min Young managed to show a wide range of emotions of a high school girl rather effectively and with ease. Although most critics have given Park Min Young a “still can do better” report card, most television PDs also commented that she possesses boundless potential.

Who will win eventually? We will know the answer two weeks later.

The 44th Annual Baeksang Arts AwardsOfficial Website
Date: 24 April 2008
Time: 18:00-20:00 (Korea Time) on SBS
Venue: Seoul National Theater

Best New Actress (TV Section)
Park Min Young – KBS I am Sam
Park Shin Hye – MBC Ggak-du-gi
Yoo In Yeong – KBS Likeable or Not (I Hate You But It’s Fine)
Lee Ji Ah – MBC Legend
Choi Yu Jin – SBS Golden Bride

Full nomination list and discussion at Soompi forums

16 thoughts on “Battle for Best New Actress @ 44th Baeksang Arts Awards

  1. I really like Park Min Young and Park shin Hye. They’re both good actresses with loads of potential.

  2. park shin hye has the worse photo of the three…coincidence? haha….i’m fine with either three winning~ best of luck to them!

  3. Park Min Young ftw!!
    And how on earth is Park Shin Hye a “New” actress? She’s been around since forever!

  4. think maybe Park Shin Hye was never nominated in the past so it’s her first time and that qualifies her as a Best New Actress

  5. Man, hasn’t Lee Ji Ah won enough awards already?!

    I didn’t watch TWSSG, but everyone’s freaking out about her… I’m sure she’s good considering she was casted opposited Bae Yong Joon, but I dont’ know….

    I think the chances of Park Shin Hye winning are slim to none, although I think she’s a good actress…

    I definitely think Lee Ji Ah is gonna snatch this one too.

  6. Lee Ji Ah is the best… Her role fits her personality… Your the best.. I’m true blue Lee Ji Ah fan…

  7. i think,,,, lee ji ah deserves to catch this award,,,, she’s a good actress and she’s so very pretty!!!! i really like her face!!!! i’m the number 1 fan of ms. lee ji ah!!!!

  8. hahaha, I like lee ji-ah and park shin hye the two did great in their own drama, they are my most favorite korean actress. đŸ™‚ love them both super

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