Three Dads One Mum posts double-digit rating in rivals absence

In the absence of it’s two main rivals, SBS “On Air” and MBC “Who Are You”, KBS2TV “Three Dads One Mum” drama posted a double-digit rating yesterday in the Wed-Thus timeslot, it’s highest since it’s debut.

Three Dads One Mom

According to AGB Nielsen, Episode 3 of “Three Dads One Mom” obtained a rating of 13.3%. Compared to 5.5% last week, it was an increase of 7.8%.

Due to the 18th General Elections in Korea yesterday, SBS and MBC provided coverage of that and stopped showing their scheduled programs. This resulted mainly in the ratings spike for “Three Dads One Mum”. Despite boasting of a cast consisting of Eugene, Jo Hyun Jae, Jae Hee, Shin Sung Rok and the unique topic of sperm donation, it was unable to post a good rating because of “On Air” strong showing. With it going past 10% last night, it remains to be seen whether it can sustain it’s momentum going into tonight’s ratings battle.

15 thoughts on “Three Dads One Mum posts double-digit rating in rivals absence

  1. i hope it gets better…..i’m not watching on air so i hope this gives me something to watch (well i am watching who are you too) 🙂

  2. i hope there will be season 2.producer please.. jo hyun jae i thinj im falling in love with you, even you so stingyi..but idont care…hihii

  3. They all are so cute,but th ending story was not so good, pls repaired it in part 2 , change the title to “You are my only Dad” , my choice is jo hyun jae !!! Pls…

  4. it’s really2 good movie
    i think dad all of the episodes are very funny
    especially the baby….
    very cute^^

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