Lee Seo Jin denies proposing to Kim Jung Eun

Korea celebrity couple Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun will soon be flying off to New York for a fashion magazine photoshoot at the end of June or early July.

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun in Lovers

In an interview with the media, Lee Seo Jin confirmed the above and expressed, “Actually, I had received this invitation a long time ago, inviting us for an overseas photoshoot. So in the break after completing “Yi San” filming, I have decided to go to New York for the photoshoot with Kim Jung Eun.”

The selection of New York was taken after discussion with Kim Jung Eun. Lee Seo Jin said, “Kim Jung Eun has never been to America before so I would like to take this photoshoot opportunity to fulfil her dreams.”

Not too long ago, Lee Seo Jin’s lines in his “On Air” cameo makes one think that he was actually proposing to Kim Jung Eun but he clarified his stand, “All lines were written by the screenwriter and I didn’t request for it to be changed since I was thinking along the same line. But I never thought it would be mistaken by people as an open marriage proposal. Marriage proposal is a very private matter and I will do it in a place where there’s only two of us around.”

48 thoughts on “Lee Seo Jin denies proposing to Kim Jung Eun

  1. Wow, what a beautiful couple! They look so good to each other. Wish them all the best. LSJ is such a gentleman, and KJE is such a sweet girl. I love them both!

  2. i finished watching lovers and have been watching it over and over again….i really like their team up. i hope the same production who did the “lovers” will do again a film starring lsj and i think i fell in love with lsj, he looks so manly and his voice is very captivating. he looks so sweet as a lover…hay i love him so much…i hope i can send him messages thru e-mail….please let me know his e-mail add?

  3. They have the great chemistry..i love their partnership in “Lovers”..i hope they will get married as soon as possible..LOL

  4. “Marriage proposal is a very private matter and I will do it in a place where there’s only two of us around.”

    i agree… ¬Ü¬

  5. LSJ your sooooo sweeeeeeeet….. am so happy for both of you… KJE my favorite korean actress deserves a good man like LSJ…. aww… i wish they will together foreve…. goodluck and more power to the two of you…. love you guys….

  6. Hi Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin,

    I just finished watching your TV series : LOVERS and i couldn’t erase the lesson i learned in it specfically the love for family and importance of sincerity and fidelity of one person into a relationship. Im happy that the Filipinos have a chance to watch a highly recommended TV Series. Wishing the two of you the best in life! Keep up the good work! Your talent in acting is AMAZING! Godblessyou

  7. That is very exciting they are going to New York. I love this couple. good luck to both of them. Maybe he will propose in New York . what a romantic!
    I wish I can glance at them walking in the streets of New york city.

  8. aaaawwww….. so sweet… they look good together…

    hope they’ll end up with each other…

  9. woow..,i wish you have more koreanovelas here in Philippines..Lee Seo Jin is so hot and sexy,and his also very handsome..Go Lee Seo Jin…,AJA!!!!

  10. wishing them the best in everything they do and i hope their
    trip yo New York will make them closer and in love to each other more so they can get married soon.The soonest the better…love you Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin

  11. love them both! hope that they would do another drama again. i love the story of lovers. it was very romantic. i think LSJ is very romantic in real life that’s why KJE liked him and love him so much! and of course LSJ love KJE so much too! when i saw their pictures together, it seems that they are madly and crazy in love with each other! hehehe… coz u can see it in their facial expression & body language. i hope that i would get more pix of them together! coz i was really crazy about them… lol.. i heard that they are getting married. hope that they would make beautiful babies just like them, and with dimples of course! lol… wish u all the best guys! hope that ur love will last forever!

  12. god!!!!! he is so hot sng gorgeous i love you so much lee seo jin….youre always in my dreams….. i will give you all of me…promise…

  13. god!!!!! he is so hot and gorgeous i love you so much lee seo jin….youre always in my dreams….. i will give you all of me…promise…i am so crazy about you. i think of you all the time.

  14. why not? Life is too short well anyway I love them both bcoz lovers is so very romantic funny Hope you will visit Philippines and Hope u will understang English good luck to you all god bless and hope that they would do another romantic movie like lovers Kim is so very pretty and LSJ is cute I like his dimples!! God Bless well I’m Ysa!

  15. wish i will have a glimpse of you guys when you come to new york city. maybe somewhere in midtown???? can’t wait to hear the news LSJ marriage proposal to KJE.

  16. that’s true it is a private thing to do hope that you will end up togerther always take care of kim she is lovable person to get along with.AJA AJA LEE

  17. hi mr lee seo jin and ms kim jung eun (soon to be mrs. lee)
    CONGRATULATIONS to ur drama series LOvers,
    i Like it very much. keep it up!!!
    GOD bless to both of u
    hope u will be together in other drama shows..


  18. this article was nice =)
    even the proposal is just a part of their soap
    i think its so sweet
    can’t wait to watch it…

  19. gosh!!!they are really perfectly match couple. nakakakilig sila on screen and im sure offcam din. sana lee seo jin will proposed to kim jung eun so that no one can ever make them separate anymore. I love their tandem kinikilig talaga ako bagay na bagay kayo. promis!!!kung naging pino lang kayo malamang supah dami niyo nang nagaang film together… lee wag mo na pakawalan si kim. invite nyo na lang ako sa wedding nyo ah.. ahaha LOL!!!

  20. hi kim and kee,
    You look so good together, I’m so happy to know that you’re a real lovers in life. I really like LOVERS hope you two can make a lot of movies together. Lee, i like your dimple and you look so manly,,, Kim,, i like your attitude,, stay the same, God Bless!

  21. i hope these two get married soon

    i hope also they make another tv series or movie together

    they look good together

  22. …….nice!!!….lee seo jin is so cute!!! and also kim jung eun, she’s beautiful!

    ……nice couple…super bagay sila!

    ……hope their relationship will lst long…..

    ……love you both!!!!^-^

  23. I think they are very romantic couple. During watching “On Air”. I almost believed that they were engaged. Unfortunately, it is in just drama scene. I hope their fans will hear wedding bell rings soon.

  24. Hello, can somebody tell me what other sites i can go to watch lovers? I orginally watch it on mysoju.com and dailymotion but now they removed the film due to breach of terms of use. I am almost done watching it too, just need to watch the last 4 episodes… I would really appreciate it, thanks!

  25. lee seo jin and kim jung eun.

    perfect combination.i love lovers,its a feel good teleserye.hope u will have another teleserye to come.

  26. Hi Mr Lee——-After watching “lovers In Paris”last September,I became PSY,KJE and LDG fan.I tried to find out more about them in the websites.Coincidentally I found KJE and you have been dating since 2006.Your couple’s photos made me watching “lovers”.I really like it.Perfect match.I am very happy with the ending of Lovers.But in real life you broke up the relation.So sad.Unbelievable!!! What to do?Many unexpected things can be happenad in real life.Just to accept it.I want kim and you to become successful artists though both of you cannot be life long partners.Since your English is good,I want to chat with you in person.How can I have your email?
    How ur doing ?Will you celebrate christmas?
    Have you been to Singapore?I haven’t been to Korea.I started dreaming of visiting South Korea.Your country people must be proud of Korea Film Industry.Continue to be a positve thinker.With loving kindness____”May”

  27. the koreanovela LOVERS was amazing, beautiful, romantic and most brilliant show/filmed ive ever watchED!!! soo perfect!!! esp. Lee Seo JIn…..hay…..madly inlove

  28. You leave her behind to deal with the media. What a crud! I’M NOT BUYING ANYMORE OF YOUR DRAMAS!!! A man faces the public and not leave a woman to clean up the mess by herself… What a coward!

  29. Lee Seo Jin… pagnakahanap k ng marunong bumasa ng message q intindihin mo maigi. ang pangit mo… kamuka mo yun pet gold fish s aquarium ng tatay q. kala mo gwapo k… wl k… break-up tru celfone? nag aral kpman din s New York! basura! muka k dalagang bukid! wag k pupunta s bansa ko… bawal wl bahay d2… kaasar k!!! nag pasikat k lang ata tru KIM JUNG EUN… tseh!!!!

  30. huh? they broke up?!! I was about to post that Im so happy with you being together all these years and that you perfectly look good together.. Well, I hope you’re meant for each other and if you truly loved one another and if your path will cross in the future, I still hope you’ll end up together.. All the best…

  31. hi LSJ…
    u know im really amazed about lovers….it’s so really nice and cool…the story and the characters…I’ve watched it in DVD for so many times…hopefully more projects to LSJ he’s a real man…so hot….hope to see u in PI…
    luv yeah!!!

  32. OMG I am so sorry kim about you and Lee breking up, I was so happy when i found out it was you going out with Lee… and very sad later.
    I love you and love your dramas, you are soooo beautiful:) I hope to god you fall in love with a better person, even tho i love him very much, but i wish you the best.

    I ‘m Arabic Christian girl from Iraq and living in US for a long time, but I Love korean people very much.

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