Jewelry “One More Time” rakes in 10 million won

Jewelry made a successful comeback this year after adding two new members and their title track, “One More Time” becoming the hottest tune in the earlier part of 2008. Their immense popularity is reflected in their profitable earnings.

Jewelry ET move

Their earnings through album sales, ringtones download, etc for “One More Time” since being released 40 days ago has exceeded 10 million won and their increasing popularity sees them inching closer to what the Wonder Girls raked in last year (25 million won) for “Tell Me”, last year’s breakaway hit.

Their label M.Net Media expressed, “Regulations in Korea means that we can only calculate the earnings after March album sales it out so we aren’t quite clear about the exact numbers. But judging from how Jewelry’s album has reigned No.1 on best selling charts for five consecutive weeks, it’s estimated that their earnings should be in the region of 10 million won and above.

With the immense popularity of “One More Time”, the value of the four Jewelry members has also rocketed. Each member has gotten many invitations for CF and product endorsements. Under this present situation, Jewelry will continue promoting “One More Time” until the end of April before continuing their promotions with, “Everyone, Shh!” starting from May.

7 thoughts on “Jewelry “One More Time” rakes in 10 million won

  1. I wouldn’t use the word trashy, but there is something about them that I just can’t fully like. I think it’s ridiculous to compare them to Wondergirls for a lot of reasons. (Not talking specifically to you Coolsmurf, at all… Just Korea media in general) First of all, to compare “Tell Me” to “One More Time” does not do “Tell Me” justice. One of the reasons Jewelry’s song became so popular was, in large part, because of “Tell Me.” The concept of the song with the funky sounds and beats, the catchiness of the song, the hard-to-overlook/forget dance moves were kind of based off of “Tell Me.” And when this song first came out, a lot of people said it was similar to “Tell Me.” While I think that Jewelry members are better musically than Wondergirls generally speaking, Wondergirls paved the way for this “revolution” we are experiencing with girl groups this year.

    I don’t think individually the group members are strong enough to keep this going. Yes, their song is good and catchy, but the actual members themselves… They don’t stand out whereas, just to take an example, Wondergirls has mutiple personalities and different looks.

    I’m glad they are succeeding and all, but yeah, I have to kind of agree with the others, I’m really shocked that they are finding such success and while I like their song, I don’t think I’ll ever be a big fan of the group itself.

  2. They’re really hitting it big huh? ….I guess the “catchy song and dance” phase is still going strong in Korea!

    I wonder which entertainer is going to do it next haha

  3. um.. i disagree. i like WGs but “tell me”.. when the first time i heard it.. i was like “what is this?” i didn’t like it at all. i still don’t understand why the song got so popular. but i like So Hot tho.
    well for Jewerly… i enjoy their song “one more time”.. i think it’s catchy and the group are cool. (so as wonder girls).. and they are not trashy. they have great figures which they should show. =]

  4. the song is catchy and the dance move is memorable.
    i find my self spontaneously busting out the finger touching thing sometimes.

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