Cute American guy Ricky Lee Neely in On Air drama sparks discussion

Besides the four main leads, Lee Bum Soo, Song Yun Ah, Kim Ha Neul, Park Yong Ha plus the occasional star cameo, “On Air” has certainly been a star-studded affair. But among them, you would no doubt have notice a mixed blood American actor who is casted as Oh Seung Ah’s friend in the drama. His real name is Ricky Lee Neely and has been highly talked about as the next Daniel Henney.

Ricky Lee Neely

Ricky born in 1981 has a model figure with a height of 1.85m and perfect body shape which catches the attention of viewers once he appears. He is the only good friend of top star Oh Seung Ah in the drama and also doubles up as her English teacher. Although scenes involving Ricky aren’t that many, his every appearance stokes the interest of viewers who would start researching on him.

Ricky plays someone who is in the modeling industry but can’t seem to get a chance to become an actor. He decides to forgo his career and head back to America. But at the last moment, he is stopped by Seung Ah’s manager in the drama who wishes him to be the male lead in the drama, “Ticket to the moon”.

Many viewers got to know Ricky through “On Air”. But actually, he had a role to play in movies like the best-selling “D-War” and “My darling FBI”. Ricky besides speaking fluent English, is also equally at ease with the Korean language. He mentioned in an interview, “I am now learning acting and I have learned a lot during the filming of “On Air”. Although my acting experience is quite limited, I hope that my hard work will see me being recognised as a Korean actor.”

The preview for the next episode of “On Air” sees Kim Ha Neul’s character still not knowing that her best friend has gotten the male lead role in her drama. She continues to object using a newbie actor and how will her character react when she learns the truth, many netizens are curious at the outcome and left messages saying they hope that they will hit it off.

17 thoughts on “Cute American guy Ricky Lee Neely in On Air drama sparks discussion

  1. Ahh…another “second ____.” -_-

    First off, thanks again for your coverage of this drama. Started watching it and I’m liking it so far except for whats-her-faces’ over-the-top acting (thanks for the warning, I may not have continued…) Oh, and I’m really impressed with Kim Ha Neul’s acting. I just recently watched “My Tutor Friend” and how she goes from one character to another amazes me. Definitely impressed.

    Hmm… I don’t know what to think of this guy. He’s alright I suppose, but Koreans sometimes obsess over mix-blooded stars. While I think that this is good in the fact that it kind of makes Koreans more open to mix-blooded people and reduces the stereotypes, discrimination,etc., we should always look at talent first when it comes to actors/singers/entertainers… I just hope people recognize that more, especially in the Korean entertainment industry.

    I like his character on “On Air” and I do wish him success… Can’t wait for more episodes of “On Air”… I’m totally hooked on it and the fact that Park Yong Ha is in it is too bad either…

    Thanks Coolsmurf!

  2. BTW…
    While we are on the topic of “On Air”, does anyone else think that Lee Hyung Chul, the guy who plays the former manager of Kim Hae Neul who is really mean/selfish/etc. look so much like Che Dong Ha from SG Wannabe???

    I’ve always thought that, just wondering if anyone else thinks so…:)

  3. it’s funny when this guy were auditioning for the role and Song Yun Ah’s character said that mixed blood actors were passe since it has been used by Kim Sam Soon and Sweet Spy before and mentioned about Daniel Henney and Dennis O’Neil.

    I love these small digs.

  4. DAY-UM! he’s one hot mofo!
    81! I’d totally hit that!
    look at the upper body on him!
    he looks like he’s gotta a nice figure…a nice everything!

  5. Re: #3

    LOL, annoying looking? hardly! its been a while since ive seen a fit AND good looking actor. Daniel Henney was cute, but this guy has reallllly gorgeous eyes.

    guess i have to watch On Air then… 😀

    wonder if his actings skills are any good though

  6. he was handsome the 1st time. on Eps. 11 there are strange pockmarks on his cheeks, that looks like the makeup person forgot to cover them (his hair looks rushed too – not the perfect ‘do as pictured here.) he seems a nice guy and probably deserves a break, but he even speaks awkwardly on camera, like reading off a page…

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