Solbi confesses “I’ll get jealous when I see Andy with other girls”

Solbi, who has been appearing on We Got Married on MBC Sunday Sunday Night with Andy as newly-weds has garnered much attention with her confession.

Solbi and Andy Ja Jyung Myung game

In her personal interview, Solbi said, “Although we’re only acting as a couple, Andy really feels like a real husband to me. Although I don’t know if oppa has opened up his heart to me, but it doesn’t feel like we’re doing a show. It was so nice of him to go out in the rain to get coffee for me, wasn’t that tough?” Her words seemed to reveal ther feelings towards Andy.

When asked “Do you keep in touch with Andy outside of the show?”, she was a little taken aback but she replied “Honestly, I get jealous when I see Andy appearing on shows with other female celebs.”

On the other hand, Andy was in a state of “I don’t know”. “No matter who says that she likes me, whether she really means it or not, I need to experience it before I know it. Although Solbi seems to be really good with aegyo, and she’s very nice to people, but I still can’t offer much of my heart to Solbi.”

Andy continued, “If Solbi’s heart is true….hahaha”, and ended laughing.

Source: newsen
Chi trans: 打糕@shinhwachina
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz

5 thoughts on “Solbi confesses “I’ll get jealous when I see Andy with other girls”

  1. I’ve watched your clips of We Got Married on youtube and I have got to say that Andy and Solbi make a good couple!

    It seems like Andy is hesitant.. maybe because of the celebrity status. Oh well, time will tell.

  2. Well it’s nice to know at least that they are being themselves rather than “pretending” most of the time….I doubt they’ll actually get together…Andy doesn’t seem too interested but it’s a cute thought. 🙂

  3. The success of the show was a surprise to me at first, but now that I’ve watched the episodes, it’s no wonder.
    Solbi and Andy are a cute couple; their personalities balance out. And it’s really cute to see Solbi acting this way cause it’s so obvious that she actually has some feelings for him… She’s always been very frank, sometimes rude, (and refreshing), but with Andy, we get to see another side of her.

    On a another note, I think this is good press for both of them. Also,Crown J and Seo In Young are seen in a positive light. People say they make a good couple, and Saori is getting good press too. I used to hate her, I thought she was annoying, but through this show, I can tell she’s a nice, cute girl…

    I can’t help but want these two to be together in real life! 🙂

  4. What was that for a comment from Andy? 😮 Anyways, I love that couple. They are really funny, and charming.

  5. i just watched we got married in youtube a while ago..and thank God my sister discovered it..i like andy and solbi they’re so cute and super sweet them i wish they’re dating in real life.!:D

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