Sang Sang Plus format change with Lee Hyo Ri post declining ratings

KBS2TV flagship variety, “Sang Sang Plus” suffered declining ratings despite boasting of a new format and adding sexy diva Lee Hyo Ri to its host line-up.

Tak Jae Hoon, Lee Hyo Ri, Shin Jung Hwan on Sang Sang Plus

According to AGB Nielsen, yesterday “Sang Sang Plus” episode posted just 11.5%. Despite adopting a new format, the ratings declined from last week by 0.2%. This rating was a big disappointment considering the new format change plus they had added Lee Hyo Ri to it’s emcee line-up. With the new episode posting even lower ratings than last week recap episode, it suggests that the revival of “Sang Sang Plus” would not be an easy task.

4 thoughts on “Sang Sang Plus format change with Lee Hyo Ri post declining ratings

  1. This seems destined to shut down like “X-Man” “Loveletter” “Ya Shim Man Man” and so on….

    I don’t know if it’s true….but format changes NEVER seem to work. They seem to make the problem even more obvious….for example “X-Man”……I think a new show will replace this… :/

  2. Sang Sang Plus used to be my most favorite show… But then again YSMM was too, but I stopped watching both of these shows. Sang Sang Plus just is not the same anymore. I never missed an episode; now, I don’t even check to see who comes on it. I love all the hosts and I think they are extremely hilarious and good at what they do, but they’ve kind of declined in their sense of comedy and to put it plain and simple, it’s just not that funny anymore. I miss the days of Noh Hyun Jung, the 나나나 춤, and more than anything, Tak Jae Hoon’s sense of humor and his ability to produce popular one-liners…These days, Tak Jae Hoon is weak, although still funny to an extent, and physically, he looks like a skeleton. (Poor thing.)

    They need to stop adding new corners and coming up with new games. And yeah, sorry but Hyori is not going to get me to watch the show…It actually makes me not want to watch it even more.

    I say bring back the old and do away with the new cause it ain’t workin!

  3. I saw it yesterday and the first part wasn’t interesting since they were all taking and I don’t understand anything at all but the 2nd part was when they were trying to translate a song from Korean to English..

  4. I saw it on youtube and I thought it was so cute and funny! Loved Hyori! She’s so charming and witty! I really hope they don’t cancel it!

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