Not really in a happy mood, no more YT requests anymore

Just been to a variety show thread in Soompi reading up on the comments and I saw my name being mentioned not once but twice saying that I copied word for word an article that person wrote and plagarise it on my blog. One also indirectly mentioned me. Well despite me crediting that person, that person writes that she doesn’t want it to spread outside of Soompi and that’s it.

He just copied and pasted my whole post thinking a one line thank you at the end would suffice. And he puts up the whole post on his personal blog, making it seem like he only took bits and pieces from me, like he paraphrased my post when in fact it’s plagiarized verbatim. And it’s not just me, he does it all the time to other people and it’s damn annoying. (oh credit to that person who wrote this)

Ok I always appreciate and respect people for translating korean articles into english and I would credit them where it’s due. And I paraphrased them because of grammer and trying to make it look concise as much as possible to make it more readable. The last line saying I do it all the time to other people is just stupid and it annoys me too when I see that. It’s not that I don’t want to give credit for most of my articles since I translated it myself.

If you don’t want to get your things plagarized, you might as well just keep it to yourself. Music, movies,etc gets stolen every second, much less words.

Things when it gets on the Internet, it’s hard to police where it goes. People also plagarize my work but I don’t go hunting them down or just defame them like I know them very well. I just take it that my work is being spread for the greater good and more can know about people they idolise or stuff. Sometimes I get credited sometimes I don’t, it doesn’t really matter.

I have given a lot translating stuff and posting on YT which isn’t easy. I am a one-man team and I have to translate, check, QC, encode and upload which is hell tedious but I always kept going because of comments thanking me every now and then that comes into my inbox.

But I’m sorry, just one negative post will negate any positives which is really unfortunate. From today, I will not take anymore BS. No more Youtube requests will be entertained, I will not post too much news anymore or just keep this blog private. I shall only post what I want to. The end.

I feel like closing and stopping everything and just become a silent reader.

63 thoughts on “Not really in a happy mood, no more YT requests anymore

  1. Maybe that forum post was not a step forward for your reputation.. but come on. If that person is really upset then why didn’t she simply comtact you?
    In my view you should just stress a bit more of the articles you’ve translated or simply try to write/formulate with your own words. Simply try to keep an eye on Copyright.

    There are always things like that happening on the internet and you shouldn’t stop if it’s fun for you. Go ahead, I mean you always did a great job and I’m actually thankful due to my lack of korean language : D

  2. Hey Coolsmurf…I feel bad for that. But, please don’t stop what you’ve been doing.
    See, you’re a one-man-show, and we are only readers who love watching the show. I mean, If I could help anything…

    That person (whoever) might just be envious of the fact that you’re so well-known. She might wanna be like you. Only the way she expressed it wasn’t very pleasant.

    Don’t get discouraged…your supporters are waaaay more than that writer, right?

    Maybe, as Neslihan said, you could give more (couple more lines) credits to make writers like that person happy…Other than that, you’re trying to entertain people. It’s not your English paper. If you are to paraphrase your work to sound totally different than the source you refered to, it’s crazy.

    Don’t worry about them πŸ™‚

  3. what?!
    oh no?!
    i feel for you though.
    that poster was too much…
    where will i go then?!

    THANKS in amillion! if i have not said thank you enough!
    hope to see you back.

    **let me check that crap post!**

  4. Alvin, I don’t really know you that much to judge the situation, so I am not going to say who is right or wrong in this matter.

    Just want to say thanks for the videos that you have uploaded. Hope to see more stuff from you, but if you find it a burden or whatever… remember that it’s your life after all, make the best decision for yourself and only think about the others after that.

    If you do make this blog private… remember to send me your password πŸ™‚

  5. owww…that’s a bad news…pls don’t stop posting article…coz this is the only thing i could get intouch with the latest in Kpop. though there are 3 blogs (including ur blog) which i consider as reliable souce of information…and u update ur blog regularly unlike the other blogs.

    so pls…don’t stop.

    anyway…kamsahamnida ^^’

  6. Whoever posted those things is very immature. You’re such a sksilled blogger and I’m not kidding! I never knew Charice P. and as a filipino I should know her but you introduce thatstar through youtube video and blogs. Just want to say GReat Job and Keep it up!! THANK YOU! =)

  7. Please don’t stop writing because of this! love this blog and i come here everyday to check the latest news:-)

  8. Like what you have said, when things get on to the internet, its hard to track the person who is the initial uploader. Of course we all feel unjust when people just take our work as their own and not credit us.

    I have read the thread and gotten to know the commotion that the initial uploader has created. Put simply, he/she is just making a mountain out of a molehill. You are merely providing news from another source. Does every TV station who gets their news from CNN need to paraphrase the news so much that it completely differs from the original context? No. The reason why paraphrasing is done is for the better understanding of the content, especially when the news is translated from another language. Reporting news is not writing a thesis.

    Coolsmurf, I know it is hard on you because you are doing everything, from the smallest details to the biggest picture. I design blogskins once in a while and I am happy to receive constructive comments and the recognition the public gives to my work. If my work is ripped/modified and I do not get the deserved credit, it is alright. As long as people see my work worthy enough for the usage, I am contented.

    Of the Kpop culture blogs that I have come across, I read yours and Popseoul’s most. I prefer yours to popseoul as yours is written based on a neutral stand rather than popseoul which will tend to be biased at times. It was also your videos on youtube which got me hooked on Xman.

    If you have decided on backing out from contributing and be a silent reader, I still support you no matter what. Just drop me a mail if you are to set your blog private.

  9. These are blogs and forums, not books or even magazines. So long as you give credit, the original writer really has no cause to complain.
    And if you paraphrase something, so long as you make it clear in your blog what you are doing, you will be doing more than 90% of what all the users in the world wide web are doing.

    It’s crazy to get so bend out of shape over something like this. It’s not like there’s a ton of money involved here…
    is it ??


  10. i started reading ur blog at the start of this year….and will be very2 sad if you stop…cos i always read all the kpop news from here…and also love all ur points of view about the dramas and all…

    but still,i understand ur feeling about not blogging after the crap talk from that person..

    hope u’ll be alright and thanks for all the videos that u had upload and also all the kpop news…..

    love it very much!


  11. ehh? for real??
    by the way, i hav read the post you refer to…
    and as the matter of fact, what im going to say is not to please you or the other way around…just my thought ne…

    first, after i read that post (sorry, too lazy to check who post it, you you think that this is rude, then sorry) i what like, what the heck…i mean, isnt she/he translated to share with everyone? i mean, is it that bad to post out off soompi? what does it take/affect? sorry, but i really dont understand this point…

    but then again, i also read someone else translationg before, and she as well, does not want her translation to taken out, even with credit…her reason is that, she love her translated and doesnt want anyone to post out of her blog but only if you ask or refer to her blog…someway along that line…

    so i think, in this situation, the posser from soompi might feel this as well (tho i still dont really understand)

    but anyway, i hav short span for concentration so i shall end my post here lol

    and please do your best and come back soon, tho i dont come to read here so often but i always love to read you comment/sub or whatsoever you post about the artist/show

    good luck, and hope to see you post/sub vids again ^^ yeay _”

  12. Are you going to let them win? Come on Alvin! You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but honestly this person has put out a challenge, are you going to let them win it? I didn’t think that you would quit so easily!
    I love your posts! I check it everyday for updates and can’t wait for any new ones! Your YT videos are the best ones there, hands down! And one comment from one Anti-Fan would make you quit? Please reconsider!
    Probably what they are wanting is to become famous like you and can’t stand the thought that their names aren’t as well known as yours. I mean come on! This person is just being a jerk. By quitting blogging, you are just confirming their opinion!
    Please stop and think about it. I know it’s upsetting, but you still have many people who want you to continue! I’m a loyal fan and if you didn’t continue, I’d still support you, but I’d be really sad…
    I hope that this makes you feel better! I’ll be checking back for more updates if there are any!
    Alvin Fighting!

  13. ARGGHH!! I wrote a long a$$ essay but I accidentally hit the back button and now it’s all gone. Oh well..I’m just going to rewrite the shorter version of it.

    Anyway, I understand how hard it must be for you to maintain this blog and your youtube channel at the same time but please don’t stop everything T__T Your blog, youtube channel and soompi are the only three places that I must visit at least once everyday regardless of how busy I am. I’m sure there are plenty of people like myself out there who support you 101% so please do not let one stupid negative comment let you down.

    Like you said, things get out of hand on the internet and not that I’m biased or anything but I don’t think you’re the one at fault here. I did read that user post on soompi and I don’t remember he or she stated specificly in the post that he/she doesn’t want it to publish elsewhere. In fact, I didn’t even know that user was the one who translate it until he/she went back and say that you plagarise his/her article. I agree with some users before me that this person make a big deal out of nothing. Yes, you did take the news and post it here but you credit it and you never said that translate it yourselves. In the fansubbing world, people’s hard works was taken and making profit out of it but still the fansubbers do not throw a tantrum over it.

    Anyway, I just want to said thanks to everything that you have done and I hope you’ll feel much better now.

  14. Why can’t they just share -_-… I don’t check the soompi threads every time so I miss some news and you usually have them up here which is great since I check your site when I have the chance..

    It’ll suck if you close this blog, but I’ll respect your decision whatever it will be. Just as long as the WG blog will stay open xD

  15. coolsmurf u r one awesome dude.
    you were not breaking any kind of law.
    that person was obviously immature.
    i mean if u post news,
    isnt news meant to be heard by the mass.
    so whats the point of keeping it in soompi.
    u obviously work way hard to entertain thousands of people around the net.
    i support any action you take.

  16. Don’t let assholes like that bring you down. I’m sorry to hear of it, but just know that there are a TON of people who are very grateful for all the time you’ve spent translating and subbing videos and sharing news, me included <3. Don’t let one hater rain on your parade.

    Coolsmurf fighting <3.

  17. ahh please don’t get discouraged! don’t listen to what others are saying, there are definitely a TON of people like that on the internet…information is meant to be shared anyways, what is the big deal with putting things on your blog? and you credit them too, its not like you’re saying you wrote those artcles…i personally go here often to read the updates you put out everyday…its better than me having to skim around for information written by various sources…i don’t have time for that so what you have done is very helpful! also, i love your youtube channel! where else would i get those awesome subbed vids of shows like xman? ^_^ so hwaiting and don’t take what that person said too personally…theres always bound to be some drama on the internet anyways, haha. if you enjoy helping out/sharing stuff, why not keep doing it? =] i’m sure there are so many people who love/appreciate what you do! even though one negative comment may spoil everything, its important to also look on the bright side of things as well!

  18. i know that you worked hard for all those youtube translations and you work alone. i really really REALLY appreciate what you’ve done. i dont understand korean and chinese neither, so you have been such a HUGE help in my entertainment life in the US. hahaha.

    it doesnt matter what people say about you, as long as you dont think about yourself the way they do. we cannot control how people will perceive us, but we can control how we present ourselves.

    so, from what i know, you are not like what those bloggers in soompi said, you are a huge help for us. we still adore youuu πŸ™‚

    please dont stop uploading korean stuffs in youtube. you are my only source. please please.

    we are your supporters, so i hope you wont feel down anymore. dont think about what they say, think about us who supported you and are on your side πŸ™‚

    thank you and i appreciate every single thing that you do to keep us updated with koreaaaa πŸ™‚

  19. You are right, the internet and a blog is such an informal arena for sharing information. It’s more than enough to give credit to the author at the end of a post because crude journalism is not worth claiming protection of intelligence. Please don’t be discouraged by a inconsiderate, ill-mannered blogger. Keep up the good work…I love your translations and drama reviews!
    Aja Aja Fighting!

  20. yay! i love you, alvin!
    i just check your videos on youtube and you just uploaded a video from the ‘we got married’ episode 3. i love your english the most! other translators’ grammar is not as good and readable as your πŸ™‚
    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    have a nice dayy

  21. omg are you forreal?
    i cant believe that people would make such a big deal, and crediting is still crediting. its not as if you didnt at all. you took their thoughts into consideration and you still gave them credit for what they sayd and what not. blech whatever
    YOU STILL RULE ! and i thank you for all you’ve done. and i support you in whatever you do. GO COOLSMURF ! ^_^

  22. I would think that you taking the posts word for word would actually please said person, rather than piss them off to that extent. Hmmmmm. Obviously, s/he’s not writing for the greater good of, idk, the entire cyberspace community.

    That said, shouldn’t it be enough to write a one-line thank you?! I know PLENTY of people who refrain from even thanking the sources they’ve used and posted, so this unknown individual should be happy that she’s being thanked. But apparently, being credited is more on her mind than anything else. Okay, then.

    And it’s only slightly snarky that’d she write that.

    I’m working myself up into a rage while writing this, so I’ll just end by saying THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK … !!! Your blog is SO ridiculously entertaining, and I LOVE your youtube channel. Honestly. I’m even a subscriber. ^^

  23. highly understandable of you.
    it would’ve been best though if this poster would have dealt with the matter between the two of you rather than put you, someone who’s contributed so much time and effort to translating and uploading and much more, on blast.

    i’m not an avid soompi surfer but, just to acknowledge both sides, did she even present proof? not that i’m trying to accuse you coolsmurf. my future profession requires me to remain neutral on decisions and all. hehe.
    but seriously, it would be a whole bunch of hoopla if she can’t back up what the poster is saying.

  24. Have the person contact you?
    Seriously… unless the person take action and contact you… you should just ignore it.
    It’s immature (and coward) to go to another place/forum and badmouth someone else..
    Just say it straight to the face(or in this case; blog)

    And like you say, you DO credit the person…. what’s the problem?
    Unless (like Buma say), you are selling the translation? ^^

  25. you can`t always please everybody, and people are probably jealous of how appreciated you are… if you paraphrased articles, and credited the person i don`t see the big deal. I wanna know how THEY got the information… i`m sure it didn`t just fall on their laps…they took it elsewhere and just like you, they paraphrased it… it must be hard doing all you that you do alone, but don`t let stupidity tarnish all that you`ve done… I sincerely wish you would keep on doing what you are doing, if it gets too much it perfectly understandable.. you are only human… so don`t give, you are the coolest smurf i know…

  26. I don’t think I ever thank you for all your hard work, so I’ll take some time now and do it…

    Thank you!!! Thanks for all the translating, subbing and blogging that you have been doing. I know that it takes a lot of hard work and time to do it but you still do it for us poor fans who don’t speak a work of korean. And thank you for bringing about my obsession with xMan!!!

    And regarding the post from soompi…all I’ve got to say is that you do credit your stuff and it’s not like you take credit from something that’s not yours. What matters is that you know that you’re not in the wrong here and you shouldn’t feel guilty (just in case you are).

    And please don’t stop blogging!!! I really love YOUR blogs and I like the way you write! I get most of my korean news from your site site. If you do stop, I’ll be left in the dark. So please don’t stop!

    Once again, thanks for everything and I hope that you have a better day tomorrow!

  27. ive been a long time subscriber like many of the other people here and i also visit your blog everyday for updates on kpop news. ^^

    i hope you don’t give up just because of such a little comment. i know it must feel awful to be framed of plagarizing because honestly you gave him/her the credit which i know a lot of other don’t even bother to do.

    and seriously even in scientific journals and whatnot they just put a reference at the end of their papers. i think you’ve given more than enough credit to the person that claimed that you plagarized his/her work.

    it must be hard to maintain the blog, and your youtube channel having to do all the translating and encoding and whatnot as a one-man-band but perhaps you should reconsider, if this is truly something that makes you happy when you are doing it then why should one negative comment restrain you from making yourself and others around you happy. although i am biased because i love your subs, their so clear and i also love yeh and kjk.

    i understand that hundreds of positive comments like this will never repair the damage of the one negative comment you received but i hope that it will bring you encouragement and cheer you back up.

    coolsmurf fighting!

  28. damn it is going to suck big time if you really decide to stop posting videos on youtube. i hope you won’t, and THANK YOU for all of the videos that you have subbed because they really made my days less miserable.

  29. first of all, i want to thank you coolsmurf for your blogs and your youtube channel. because of your subbed charice videos, i started to watch korean shows (even watched goong due to your indirect recommendation). i definitely appreciate the work you do, especially the fact you don’t get any real compensation other than people’s thanks.

    now, i did read the aforementioned posts on soompi. i agree that anything posted on a forum is fair game, especially for something so unofficial like a blog. i think the only thing you could have done to keep yourself pretty much blameless is to ask the person before using their comments. maybe even re-word your post to the perspective of you just reading off soompi. i definitely support your stance.

    but, for your decision to stop, i think your being rather rash and childish. i realize that anyone would be hurt by such accusations but c’mon, seriously? i mean even korean celebrities have fans and anti-fans, but that doesn’t stop them. you are just showing weakness right now.

    now, im not your boss or anyone important to you so you can take this reply however you want. but all im going to say now is if posting and subbing are things that make you happy or fulfilled, then dont let some forum member stop you or make you feel wrong because, as you can see will all these comments and at soompi, you have a lot of support.

    thanks again not only for everything. peace.

  30. coolsmurf nooo T_T
    i love your translations. keep doing what your doing. i appreciate all the translated news/videos that you share with us [: i hope you continue to translate we got married clips x]

    this person should’ve dealt with the issue privately. but i must not get into the picture. i just want to say, coolsmurf, please don’t stop translating. we all love your work (:

  31. omg! i almost cried at school when i read this there!
    alvin, it me! your fan. ill die if you stop blogging.
    remember. i still have to take you to one of the WG concerts here or wherever..

    anyway i hope you wont let one fangirl do this to you. oppa, let’s think carefully. one fangirl. i can take her down in seconds for you. really. and PLUS you already have a good fanbase yourself. but if you really wanna stopp, its ok. i can still live a coolsmurf-less life. but id rather not.

    i hope you feel better! i hope i can send you SunYe or any of the WG to cheer you up and make you feel better. but i cant.. sorry. no worries, i got your back, alvin oppa! ^^

  32. Thank you.

    Thank you so much for subbing all those videos on youtube. Whenever I see a subbed clip w/ your name on it, I’d always smile, and I sincerely hope that I will be able to see more clips from you in the future.

    There are so many people out there that got to know more about kpop because of your videos, and wouldn’t it be sad to stop that trend because of a few selfless comments soompi?

  33. coolsmurf, got to interact with you a little in a fansub community.

    I have been making it a daily must-do list to visit this site since mid last year when i clik on you sig one time and find that the updates are very informative and your opinions/analysis of shows well written.

    When i first visit this site the hits is just 900k and now its 1.6mil hits, so does that tell you something?

    But if you shd so wish to make this private, pls do give access to me.

    Dont be too upset with the comments he/she made.

    my moral support is with ya….:)

  34. Just wanted to say keep up the hard work. You are doing an awesome job and a daily visit for me. Wasnt for your work i wouldnt be bale to understand keep up to date with alot of the entertainment. thanks!!! Dont let this get you down!

  35. alvin, there are only 2 blogs i visit religiously and yours is on top of the list since you always give us the latest tidbits on korean entertainment. don’t get discouraged as there are a lot of us who cannot get through the day without checking on updates from you.

  36. Just stopping to drop a note of encouragement…
    Cheer up Coolsmurf! ^_^ There are many more of us who love you and appreciate what you do with this site, Youtube, etc…
    From who else would I take recommendations for new shows and dramas (Unstoppable Marriage, On Air), get my daily dosage of Korean entertainment news, or hear news about Wondergirls and Park Min Young?! ^_^ Haha… No one! You are the best…
    Anyway, just letting you know…Thanks for your hard work!

  37. Maybe that person wanted you to write an Oscar thank-you speech for him/her? LOL…. I mean come on, if they put their translations online, OBVIOUSLY people will take. They’ve got to be stupid to not even know that. And that little translation is really nothing compared to your one-man encoding and video translations. That person is just a sourpuss. What else does he/she want if a simple credit line is not enough?? They should keep their work to themselves if they’re gonna be so damn anal about it.

  38. Wow, so many people asking you not to quit! See, we all luv you and your work!

    I completely understand your frustration, it’s so aggravating to have someone tarnish your reputation like that, especially when you put in so much effort into your work. I agree with what most people here are saying; all you can really do is credit the sources, saying what the original source was and that you edited/paraphrased it/quoted it in it’s entirety, etc. But there is always going to be someone out there who is going to be unhappy with you anyway, it’s just life, we can’t please everyone.

    What really matters is that you are contented and satisfied yourself in your work and knowing that you gave proper credit. But if you really feel you need to stop everything, then that’s fine, you’re completely entitled. Just know that you have a group of loyal followers who truly appreciate your work and dedication. I’m a KJK & YEH supporter thanks to you! And in general, it’s wonderful to be able to watch a clip of my favorite Korean celebs and know what they’re saying! Thank you!

  39. Hey,coolsmurf.. remember,”What doesn’t kill you will only makes you stronger.” Firstly,i want to say thank you for all the news. I love reading your blog,i know many news of whats happening in the entertainment world because i read your blog.You see,you did a favor for many of us by translating,posting news and so on.

    It is really not worth it to think to stop what you are doing because of what people wrote in soompi. Even celebrity also have antis,but why they dont quit what they are doing or just give up each time they are being criticize?Besides fulfilling their dream and doing what they like,they always try their best to perform on stage and do well because of their fans.They do it for their fans,not antis,because they dont want to disappoint their fans who are always supporting them and gave them love.

    Same goes to you, are you going to disappoint us,faithful readers and viewers in YT? I know it must hurt so much after all the hard work you’ve done people criticize you.We know and see your effort coolsmurf, and we appreciate what you have done,so,be strong and stay gold.

  40. Hey, just read this, i’m not going to repeat what everyone else has been saying… but what I really do want to say is thank you. Because you’ve provided us people who can’t really understand Korean well a chance to watch the shows we love or find out news that some blogs are late to publish, and you make them in a way that is respectful for the artist/entertainer and for the reader too..

    I’d be extremely sad if you make this private, but I hope that I can still read your blog from time to time.:) Honestly, thanks for doing this for all of us, in time, that person can get karma.:)

  41. I often think that the Korean wave is not just about the dramas. Rather, it’s about people, like you, who work really hard to bring the Korean wave to people around the globe. The korean wave, in my opinion, would not exist as it does today without people like you to help promote it. So don’t give up! Do not let one – likely highly jealous – individual put you down. And what would I do without you? You are the REASON that I became interested in Korean pop culture! I was surfing around on You Tube one day and came across a video you posted (Dangyunhaji cut with Eric and Eun Hye). I was totally entertained by the video and browsed around your channel. Next thing I know, I had watched almost every single video you posted and also became a fan of K-Pop. I’ve got stacks of K-Dramas that I need to watch now and tons of K-Pop CDs. So, thank you. Thank you for introducing me to K-Pop. Thank you for helping me discover the brilliance of Korean variety shows. Thank you for allowing me to understand Korean humour. Thank you for introducing me to Eric, then Dongwan, then Hye Sung. Thank you for helping me become a mega Shinhwa fan. And most of all, thank you for all your hard.

  42. I discovered your blog not too long ago. Even thought I didn’t often comment on most of the news bits, I feel an urge to drop you a line here.

    I really like your blog as the news is more natural in nature. I depends on your blog a lot for Korean Entertainment news. Your YT clips and the English sub are also in great quality.

    Please don’t let a couple negative posts stop you from doing what you enjoy. Hope it will make you stronger!!!! If you do decide to make the blog private, I will be the first one to sign up.

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! Aja Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I have to say something too~~ I think that person should grow a bit more up. I mean, where’s the point to translate when not making it afterwards public to everybody? I’m happy if sb. credits me or says thank you because then I’ve got the feeling, I help some people and that’s the thing that keeps me translating. If sb. doesn’t credit… I know that it was me who translated it and I don’t really need the statisfaction that everybody knows, that it was ME who translated it. So, since my little translating stuff isn’t any example to your thing, like subbing many shows simultaneously, I say: Aja Aja Hwaiting! πŸ˜€ Don’t let that get you down!

  44. Wasn’t able to post when I first read your post but what an overwhelmingly supportive response. I just want to say that you are appreciated and that I look so forward to checking in whenever I can. Thank you for your hard work. Stay positive.

  45. Hi coolsmurf. I understand how you feel. Please know that I appreciate all your hardwork and am kind of worried that you just might do what you said. I really hope that you continue and be not affected by negative comments. Obviously, you have more supporters than antis. Imagine if all our fav celebrities stop performing when they hear neg stuff. No one will be left. Kudos to those who elect to stay and continue for the sake of those who appreciate their work and and the pure pleasure of doing what they enjoy doing.

    Hope to see more of your work. Your blog/page is one of the first sites I check whenever I turn on my computer.

    Thanks. Cant seem to stop saying it.hehehehe.

  46. You’ve done a great job at helping so many of us understand so many of our favorite shows and like some have stated it has brought the korean wave even futher. Sure the celebs have a big part in it, but it is people like you who help with it too!

    I’ve seen and read the aforementioned posts on Soompi as well and I appreciate all who help translate but I feel that the posts were a bit harsh. If they really wanted to discuss it I feel they should’ve contacted you personally instead of posting it up for the world to see, or in this case, read.

    Kudos to you, Coolsmurf, and thank you for all you do. I hope that you continue to do what you enjoy doing, which also benefits us non-koreans 8).

  47. Alvin u have so many fans don’t be upset just for that stupid comment !!

    I love ur hard working !! I check like everyday this blog and WG !

    Please don’t be upset, smile again =D
    Thanks for everything ^_^

  48. As being said above, you have many fans and many who really really appreciate your work for all this time! How many hasn’t, more easily maybe, fallen in love with all those shows thanks to you? I just hope you can forget about that comment, it obviously is a person with little knowhow of how internet really works! Internet is freedom, that’s that!

  49. .. and when I thought I finally found a good place to read Enews and someone incredibly nice and generous to translate + post those videos up at youtube for ppl as lost as me in korean and also needed the good entertainment !!! …

    aahh…c’mon… i appreciate all your hardwork and i hope you will not let the bad craps roll you over… at the end of the day… it’s probably not worth it …

    anyway.. thanks again for all your hardwork!!


  50. Hi coolsmurf, it’s so unfortunate that things like this happens, but as ur name u should act “cool” though. don’t worry about what she said, just think that she never been to uni and don’t know the definition of plagiarism
    anyway now u know that u have a lot of fans, and that a lot of people happy because of ur works. so for the sake of us who’s happy because of u please don’t quit πŸ™‚
    thanks for ur hard work, and hope everything gets better for u πŸ™‚

  51. Hi, Coolsmurf. I totally understand how you must feel. I’m actually in the same dilemma as you are. I maintain 2 blogs. One is where I keep all the news that I get which I share exclusively with my friends and the other one is a new public blog where I review the Korean and non-Korean films and series that I get to watch. Since, I use my own words for the latter I didn’t bother making it private. But with the news blog, I initially made it public but opted to switch it to private since my purpose was just to keep my Kfan friends updated as they are too busy to check varied websites to get their weekly dose of Korean entertainment news. The thing about posting news is that you’re bound to get not-so-pleasant remarks such as the one you have mentioned. It’s really disheartening when it happens to you. I really appreciate the unique news that I get to read from your posts and I always see how promptly you put in your sources so, it would really be saddening if you move your blog to private. But then again, I would also understand should you decide otherwise. I share the sentiments, by the way. Even if the contents of my public blog where I do my own reviews, gets dragged around the net, I really wouldn’t mind coz I know I’m able to do my part in promoting the Korean wave. Be strong!

    From M

  52. without you i wouldn’t have discovered my love for kpop and kdramas. without you i wouldn’t have realized my dream to become a PD and visit korea one day. all those comments are just a small testament to how you have changed people’s lives. we are all very grateful to you. thank you. thank you. thank you.

  53. that person should just stfu and complain about something else that matters… its not like your not crediting them and making money off it…

  54. please don’t get put down by this.

    your videos especially that of yeh and xman
    helped me discover korean culture.

    I truly appreciate everything that you Do!

  55. coolsmurf, I’m a subscriber of your YT acc!!! You know what, I’m so grateful to your subs and cuts uploads that I don’t think I can have enough words or action for my appreciation to you for helping me indulging mylove for K-pop shows…

    Reading this post made me worry and sad..cause you are ‘my rock’, and I’m dependent at you… please do consider it, and please re-think it for the people who cheer and thanked you, every time they see that you upload new videos on your acc. what does 57 (and counting) support posts in this blog and 3000 thank yous comments on you YT acc mean to you comparing to 2 posts in soompi (I read the post you were referring, I’m also a regular on that thread)

    But if you decided to make your blog or YT acc private, please allow me to be one of your ‘elite’ and fortunate member ^__^

  56. Heck~ who care what that person wrote. “Some” SOOMPI people are just way too selfish, to be honest! Whoever is that SOOMPI maniac you talked about can eat his/her own sh*t. Probably too jealous that your blog is more popular than his/her own writing. LOL!

    At least you’re sharing it to the PUBLIC and not exclusively. Cos not everyone has got the luxury of time to browse through SOOMPI’s gazillion of articles and posts. Heck this is annoying.

    You don’t have to stop what you do. Let them cry all they want. People love your stuff, we love your blog. Keep it up!

  57. Aww Coolsmurf, the same exact thing is happening some place I know too. I wish there was more people like you who gets joy from just knowing that peope read what you wrote with or without credit. Some take the plagarism crap way too seriously. I bet they don’t even know that translating something to another language is plagarism too. LOL

    Sadly one negative do bring some down. ^_^ But remember there are hundreds and thousands more who love what you do, versus one. So even if you quit taking requests, that’s fine. πŸ˜€ We follow whatever you do anyways.

  58. hey, at least u credit everytime u post other ppl’s info and that’s good enough already…what the hell does the accuser want? a gold star? a million dollar cheque? u try to do what u think is decent and good, but this world is full of BS ppl who just likes finger pointing…so do what u love doing and dont stop ….and dont give a rat’s ass to those who have a chip on their shoulder.

  59. sorry i just read this now.. but i’m thankful u r ok now πŸ™‚ please be reassured that we appreciate all your effort in translating news, shows etc.. if not for u, i would never have come to love KJK n YEH and XMAN (which until now, i re-watch when i’m feeling a bit sad, never fails to crack me up.. which i would never have understood in the first place if it weren’t for u) so with all the other people here and in YT who just respect and support u, please be encouraged πŸ™‚
    God bless!

  60. don’t give up….and thankz a lot coz u had brighten my day with all ur posts and vid in YT…
    thankz again………

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