Charice Pempengco charms again on Paul O’Grady Show in England

After charming Korea, US and the rest of the world via Youtube, 15 year old Philippine singing sensation, Charice Pempengco made her way to England as she performed two songs on the Paul O’Grady Show last night.

By now her trademark cover songs, she performed “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” and “I Will Always Love You”. Her performance was more polished and she managed to inject her emotions into the songs plus the familiar belting including the mic change move. She looks more assured and her wardrobe more than suits her. Surely the only thing left now is to release an album, Charice!

22 thoughts on “Charice Pempengco charms again on Paul O’Grady Show in England

  1. chills……. the moment she opened her mouth
    i got chills. and TEARS started to come as well.
    I rarely get moved emotionally but charice is so brilliant.

  2. wow! i can’t believe she improved since i thought she was near flawless the first time around!

    make a album already charice! i wanna see you make it big!!

  3. hi Coolsmurf!
    Charice is indeed a child prodigy, she seemed more comfortable now with her interviews and for her vocals she nailed it no doubt.
    Just want to thank you Coolsmurf for being such an instrument and helping Charice realized her dreams just like false voice did.GOD will bless you more in due time.Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow in england ! So close to me lol
    Yeah she was more comfortable in this 🙂
    But i still love the 1st on Star King ! It was the best and everyone get moved esp HAHA and SUJU haha

    Thank u coolsmurf ^_^

  5. she should thanked Koreans for her great success nowadays…gosh i can’t imagine…when she’s in the philippines she’s just nothing…a third runner up in a singing contest in the television and doing small time commercials…but now that she got so many guestings abroad…that’s the time the network wants to grab her and make a local album asap(though i think recording is still going on).
    anywayz…i envy her bcoz she finally met SuJu…especially Kang-in gosh…i hate her T_T jokez

  6. Oh no, what an entrance. what did she have to do the footworks. >_<

    this hasn’t been reported yet in the Philippines.
    She should sing other songs. thanks for the post!

  7. You never disappoint us Charice! Excellent performance.

    Again, thanks to the Koreans, Ellen DeGeneres, FalseVoice to you, Coolsmurf and countless others for spreading the good news about Charice. Her fans are forever grateful to you guys!

  8. wow! she looks so sassy! i love her hair! this is the first place i’m reading this! when i saw it i was so shocked!
    thanks so much for sharing!

    man, her tone at 1:33 was so solid and smooth! she sounds really awesome here! and the pyrotechnics just make it so much more awesomer.
    damn, my eyes totally glassed over into the middle of her performance.

    yeah, i hope charice comes out with an album soon too! it’s just abs-cbn and, in general, philippine media networks are so controlling of their talents.

  9. ohh my i just saw the clip. she will be on Oprah too! wow. ^^
    seeeee. you took her placess with your subbed video!

  10. She is a talent, no doubt. But because she is singing same songs all the time, and a song so intense… I kind of got bored! But sure, she seemed to have improved actually, the voice at least sounds more pleasant (although it was good before also).

  11. Next stop for her, Oprah!
    She’s scheduled to appear in that show in May. There’s a teaser of it already floating around in youtube. 🙂

  12. True! the only thing left to do is to release an album. and she’s actually finishing one, but i dont think that it’ll be release in korea or anypart of the world other than here in the philippines.. im not sure about that though.. just heard it from the news last weekend

  13. oh my she will be in OPRAH too!
    it seems Charice will be gracing many Talk Shows abroad.
    i wonder she will ever get invited to be in David Letterman and Jay Leno Shows.

    yeah, ABS-CBN just made her 3rd runner up but she won the admiration of the many internationally. clearly, you will bump into “Whitney Houston” one in a million.

    i think Charice is close to Lea Salonga’s achievement internationally…i wonder if this young lass will ever consider doing stage musical like Lea.

  14. charice is a very good singer,, but she always sings the same song.. and theres no talent in that..

    she needs to show versatility. if she sings the same song in Oprah,, that will be the start of her downfall…

  15. yeah! she’s really good! don’t get bored guyz with the repeated renditions of the same songs because those shows are requesting those songs – not that she wanted to sing them always. 🙂 in oprah winfrey show she will be singing a different song. watch out guyz: may 12 2008!

  16. This is her best version of ‘And I am Telling you……’.
    Jennifer Holiday is still the best but Charice is still young
    and improving every minute.
    Thanks to Falsevoice, Star King and of course Coolsmurf.
    Coolsmurf don’t get tired of what your doing you give
    understanding and joy to the people outside Korea.
    That is a noble job.
    Godspeed to you Charice, Coolsmurf and Falsevoice.

    Thanks for happines you have given me.

  17. she has now a self- titled album already out in the market.
    the album is simply called “charice”. the album includes, i am telling you im not going, i will always love you, mama, i have nothing and 2 songs which was recorded in sweden. it was released for international market. she is also guesting in oprah this may 12.

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