Sung Yuri gives Kang Ji Hwan a Shih Tzu for his birthday

Sung Yuri and Kang Ji Hwan plays the couple, Heo Yi Nok and Hong Gil Dong respectively in “Hong Gil Dong”. A photo of a Shih Tzu given to Kang Ji Hwan by Sung Yuri as a birthday present and him naming it, “Yi Nok” aroused curiosity.

Kang Ji Hwan Shih Tzu named \"Yi Nok\"
Caption: This is the uber cute present prepared by Heo Yi Nok for Gil Dong, “Yi Nok”. Although tiny, with Gil Dong’s tender care, it will grow healthily.”

Jambo Entertainment had posted Kang Ji Hwan’s Shih Tzu photo yesterday afternoon with the title, “Yi Nok’s surprise birthday present for Gil Dong”.

30th March was Kang Hi Hwan’s birthday and in a press conference at KonKuk University, he revealed that Sung Yuri had given him a pet dog for his birthday.

Sung Yuri took it upon herself to name the Shih Tzu, “Yi Nok” which was her name in “Hong Gil Dong” before handing it to Kang Ji Hwan. This showed that through this drama, the both of them had developed a good friendship bond.

13 thoughts on “Sung Yuri gives Kang Ji Hwan a Shih Tzu for his birthday

  1. oooooo…haaaa…. Something’s burning.
    hot couple alert…??

    I love them, ad the “yi-nok” ‘s so cute.

  2. oh god these dogs are sooooo stupid. never get a “shit-zu!” all the ones i’ve come across are just dumb and disobedient- even the one i had. and i’m pretty good at training dogs. their cute and sweet now..but wait a year you’ll know what i’m talking about.

  3. sung yuri and kang ji hwan should definitely hook up in reality…they are so cute together! the chemistry in the drama was enough to have me squeal like a fangirl…and i DONT squeal

  4. Dumbdog: Yea, my shih tzu is like that too. Only knows the sit command T_T

    But I’ve seen many smart ass shih tzu…it can just be us. lawl.

    But omg, the shih tzu is so cute! How cute of them to name it Yi Nok! Sung Yuri and Kang Ji Hwan are soo cute together too. I miss seeing them together :[

  5. On the top right picture, there’s a reflection of a person………

    does anyone know who that is?

    I’m pretty sure it’s a girl

  6. Waaaaa,i really love this couple in Hong Gil Dong. Such a sweet couple and it’s a good thing if they become real couple…Yi Nok is really sweet and Gil Dong is so cool
    Love both of them

  7. Posting that picture is like telling the world that hes (Kang Ji Hwan) going out with Yuri. In any case, best of luck to the couple (if they really are a couple. If they aren’t, I really hate Kang Ji Hwan).

  8. I’m sure that they both fallen for each other!i really wish they’re caught going out dating!if they are not dating,i’m so gonna kill KANG JI HWAN!!!!!!!

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