MBC and SBS at war as singers caught in crossfire

MBC and SBS sparked off a controversy when they recently announced that singers who appear on other stations’ Sunday variety programs will not be allowed to appear on their station’s music programs. The management of the singers have been notified of the new rule, which has been implemented with immediate effect, starting with the programs in early April.


Thus this means that singers who appear on MBC’s Sunday Sunday Night and SBS’ Good Sunday will not be able to appear on SBS’ Inkigayo and MBC’s Show! Music Core. With the new restriction, the real victims are not only the singers, but the audience as well. Less exposure could spell doom for singers especially.

A spokesperson from one management company said, “Although singers appear on variety shows in the hope of getting a spot on the music programs, even this will be difficult now. Singers, being at the losing end of the bargain, can’t do much but do the bidding of the stations. The fans are likely to form organized protests against this, and singers themselves are also nervous about this.”

Singers’ appearances on music programs are often a result of their appearances on the stations’ variety shows, and it has always been the norm. Appearances also give them a chance to air their MV clips after popular programs.

However, the two stations’ move of banning singers comes across as somewhat impulsive and extreme. It’s clear that the rivalry between both stations have reached a boiling point judging from their history with each other.

An industry insider said, “Both stations have been at odds since the end of last year, when MBC refused to allow singers from their artiste management company appear on Exploration of the Human Body on SBS’ Good Sunday. The response to We’re Married on MBC’s Sunday Sunday Night has also been very good. Doesn’t this move seem like a reactive measure then?”

Affected artistes
Jewelry, Clazziquai, Crown J, Typhoon, Andy – banned from SBS Inkigayo
Super Junior, Lee Hyori, Han Young – banned from MBC Show! Music Core
Lee Seung Gi – no comeback stages on both MBC and SBS
Lee Hyo Ri, Wonder Girls – Pulled from Hollywood Bowl

Source: Hankook Ilbo
Chi trans: 韩小国@BESTSHINHWA
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


16 thoughts on “MBC and SBS at war as singers caught in crossfire

  1. Wow. This is so stupid. Aren’t they thinking that there is a possibility that their ratings will go down because of this? Poor artists…especially Lee Seung Gi!

  2. This is utterly ridiculous. It’s like the stations are thinking ‘we can’t handle the competition so we’re gonna implement this rule because we’re childish like that.’ This is one of the most stupidest conflicts ever and it’s sad to see it happen.

  3. @pinkpetals, most probably. Sun Ye and So Hee emcees Music Core weekly, go figure. plus the late announcement that they would be not going to HB2008 came in early April.

  4. This is so stupid. I mean seriously, what are they going to gain from this. The only thing that they are going to gain are complaints how this move is utterly stupid.

    Really sucks for Lee Seung Gi the most though.. No Music Core or Inkigayo, damn..

  5. eh… someone mind telling me why Lee seung ki is banned from both station?
    wasn’t it either sbs OR mbc ??

  6. lee seung gi is on KBS 1N2D (Happy Sunday) which is in the same timeslot as MBC Sunday Sunday Night and SBS Good Sunday. So he is banned from MBC and SBS effectively.

  7. Gah! Clazziquai, Andy (and possibly Shinhwa, since he’s part of it), and Lee Seung Gi! NO!

    This is so stupid! I mean, if singers were to show up on all of the stations in an evenly distributed amount of time, then the viewers watching would even itself out.

    Ratings are going to plummet and the music industry is doomed if this continues. Not to mention, uneven audience distribution, since it was pretty leveled out beforehand I’m assuming.

  8. poor lee seung gi.. how can they do this?

    the artists will have to kiss ass, to get on shows in the same channel now…

    i don`t know if protesting and boycotting will help, considering how the ever annoying ELFs haven`t been able to do anything agaisnt SM.. I know not the same, but the same…

    Well see how long thats gonna last.. When one of the artists banned gets a big hit, and they won`t be able to play it… or have them on their shows… this war is ridiculous.

  9. man! LSG is banned from both!?! that’s harsh. does KBS have any music shows?

    and i thought network wars only happen in the Philippines.

  10. ^ I’m guessing it’s cause Hyori’s a part of the show “Change” which is on SBS and the bowl is hosted by MBC. As for Wondergirls…I’m not sure.

    As for why Classiquai and Andy? Well, they’re currently a part of “We Got Married” which is on MBC so hence the banning of SBS Inki Gayo. Where will this put Shinhwa? Their new album just was released today so does this mean banning of Shinhwa too? Or just Andy?

    This really is stupid. To think Andy was once an MC for SBS Inki Gayo not long ago. Aish.

    The officials at both stations have to be so immature to start up this “war”. Very childish in my opinion. The music industry is already doing bad, this war is only going to make it worse.

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