Kim Tae Hee can sing

Kim Tae Hee shocks everyone by singing in her latest CF released yesterday.

Kim Tae Hee Cyon Ice Cream Phone CF

Kim Tae Hee, the designated celebrity endorsing LG Cyon phones begun filming for their latest Ice Cream Phone CF at the end of March. In the CF, she not only dances but also sings showing how much of an all-rounder entertainer she is.

In the CF, she wears a mini and performs many dances including doggy dance, hip-hop, etc. She also sang a classic 80s song, “Ice Cream Love”.

Namoo Actors expressed, “Kim Tae Hee doesn’t really know how to sing and dance and for the CF filming, she learned how to do that with the assistance of instructors on the set. Although she has some dance experience in previous Cyon CFs, but that was freestyle. This time, it was done under the guidance of proper dance instructors teaching her the correct dance steps.

Kim Tae Hee expressed, “It was pretty awkward at the start but because everyone was very co-operative, I was able to get into gear pretty quickly. The song was recorded on the second day and I am thankful that the editing was done pretty well to make me look like a singer.”

I am not convinced.

4 thoughts on “Kim Tae Hee can sing

  1. haha. she looks really cute.
    but there’s no way that song will be on my ipod.
    or any of her songss.

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