SS501 halts activities amidst poor health

Korean idol group SS501 who has been hit by injuries will be halting all promotional activities for their new Korean CD single, “Deja Vu”.

Due to accumulated fatique from working over in Japan and their high-profile promotion activities in Korea recently, SS501 is not in the best of condition with most of near the threshold of collapsing from poor health.

In the 10th day of their promotional activities since returning to Korea, leader Kim Hyun Joong fell from the steps during a performance at a music show, injuring his left ankle. The other members meanwhile are drained of energy and some of them has seen their weight drop by as much as 8KG.

SS501 had plunged straight into work in Korea since their return after ending their promotion in Japan, practically without any rest in between. Due to adapatibility problems in Japan and the heavy workload, SS501 have suffered weight loss up to 3KG over there besides other problems.

DSP Entertainment said, “Although Hyun Joong’s ankle injury is recuperating well, it still requires some time for it to be fully healed. With the other members not feeling the best in terms of health, we have decided to suspend their activities and try to lessen their appearances if possible.”

Good time to debut their other male group, A’st 1.

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