Son Ye Jin and Ji Jin Hee in the “Spotlight”

Son Ye Jin and Jin Ji Hee “Spotlight” drama has been scheduled for 14th May.

Son Ye Jin takes on the challenging role as reporter Seo Yoo-jin reporting on society issues with Jin Ji Hee character, Oh Tae Seok is the leader of the division and is her mentor/love interest. The story is based on the world of news reporters and their passion to make truthful reports of the society. It promises to show a different side of a television station that one would not see usually.

There was a drama previously dealing with news anchors in 2000 called “All About Eve” starring Jang Dong Gun, Chae Rim, Kim Su Yeon, Han Jae Suk and was a runaway success which made stars out of the four of them. Recently, we all know about “On Air” which is about a drama inside a drama story and has been pretty awesome thus far. Can “Spotlight” continue the momentum?

7 thoughts on “Son Ye Jin and Ji Jin Hee in the “Spotlight”

  1. I just hope it can have its own identity. On Air has an impressive cast and director-screenwriter combo plus star cameos.

  2. I wish there were good looking actors in this drama. Oh well, atleast they have Son Ye Jin… I haven’t seen On Air but its hard to compare a drama that hasn’t been released yet.

  3. son ye jin is a great actress.

    i remember her performance in april snow. who would have thought that she could have done such a sex scene w/ bae yong joon?

    she’s meek but very daring and brave…

  4. Yes, I was quite surprised she would do a movie that required a sex scene but infidelity and that scene was the main plot of the movie so it was as expected. It wasn’t too explicit but yes, daring and brave and she definitely takes chances in the projects that she chooses.

    I just wished she did more good movies…I started SPOTLIGHT too and so far, not so good! I’m only on episode 2 and my, am I bored! It’s too bad because I’m a great fan of Son Ye Jin!

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