Solbi surprises by performing with Andy on Music Core

Andy and Solbi who has been gaining lots of popularity from their makebelieve newly-wed couple pairing in MBC Sunday Sunday Night program, “We Got Married” surprised everyone after Solbi appeared and performed “Love Song” with Andy on Music Core last Saturday and sparked discussions again.

Andy and Solbi performing Love Song @ Music Core 080405

Shinhwa member Andy performed his title track, “Love Song” from his debut solo album on MBC Music Core last Saturday and in the midst of performing, the door in the middle of the stage suddenly opened as Solbi from mixed group Typhoon entered to thunderous applause from watching fans.

The both of them then sang “Love Song” together like a couple and even performed the dance together. At the end, they even gestured and made a heart sign. The part where Solbi came out as a special guest wasn’t made known until she appeared and so it was a big surprise for fans.

Andy and Solbi had appeared as a newly-wed couple that has great rapport with each other in “We Got Married” variety program and many netizens have posted saying that they hope that they are really dating. Andy has also said recently on MBC “Golden Fishery: Radio Star” program that Solbi is his ideal type which got many netizens speculating.

Andy feat. Solbi – Love Song @ Music Core 080405 

7 thoughts on “Solbi surprises by performing with Andy on Music Core

  1. This was the cutest thing ever! I read it on soompi and everyone seems to agree it was really great. Like I keep saying Crown J needs to join Jewelry and do the ET dance. haha

  2. coolsmurf thx 4 all ur news abt we just married,and please do continue subbing andy-solbi and alex-shinae couple cuts!!ur work is excellent and the latest ep 4 got so much more interesting!XD

  3. dude solbi is his ideal type???
    didnt solbi say that andy was her ideal type? but she was too shy to say that to him and kept on saying eric. wow! they are matched with ideal type both! crazy stuff man!

  4. lols i dunno abt andy, a few posts ago he liked wonder girls, then he liked kim tae hee and now he likes solbi. methinks it is probably all just publicity and fanservice… hahah~!

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