Kangta change change change before enlistment

Kangta was the latest guest on SBS “Change” who recorded this before his enlistment. After spending a few hours putting on the special makeup, Kangta became a middle-aged uncle that no one could recognise at first glance.

Kangta begin the program proper by turning himself into a generic Japanese music producer and inserted himself into the recording studio where his best friend of 10 years, Lee Ji Hoon was. All existing studio staff already knew about this beforehand and played along, introducing this “famous Japanese producer” to Lee Ji Hoon. Kangta excellent acting even managed to convince his Lee Ji Hoon to enter the Japanese market. And because the lyrics has to be changed for the new songs, Kangta whipped out a comedic lyric sheet that he had prepared beforehand with Shin Dong Yup, Lee Hyo Ri, Kangin, etc and asked that Lee Ji Hoon sing this on the spot. The final ridiculous part was Kangta giving Lee Ji Hoon a toothpick as a parting gift. This whole recording studio segment was a big success as Lee Ji Hoon never once recognised that it was his friend of 10 years, Kangta that was stringing him along.

The second segment sees Kangta best friend in the industry, Lee Ji Hoon, Shin Hye Sung and Kim Min Jong coming together to send him off. Kangta who was a middle-aged uncle now didn’t know actually he was the one being bluffed. He kept moving around his friends thinking they couldn’t recognise him at all. Shin Hye Sung and Kim Min Jong kept talking about Kangta and when the trio started leaving him messages in tears, Kangta couldn’t hold it any longer and rushed towards Kim Min Jong, hugging him. They end by saying, “Kangta, we love you.”

Recorded on April Fools Day, this was the final meeting between Kangta and three of his friends before his enlistment. From their tears, we can see their deep bondingas this program once again touched the hearts of viewers.

9 thoughts on “Kangta change change change before enlistment

  1. Awww this one looks good to watch. I will have to check soompi if translations are available. Kangta fighting!

  2. hik…..hik….hikk…..
    keep fighting uppa!
    hyesung uppa uljimara….if u cry my heart so painful.just pray to kangta uppa araseo…
    for naye uppa hwaitiiiiiiingggg…………….

  3. seriously when i watch “change” 2 days before he’s going to the military, i cry. this episode was SO SO SO sadd. i was a huge fan of kangta. love ya kangta!! 🙂

  4. I saw a small bit of the video but since it doesn’t have a translation, I gave up on it. Will you be doing a translation of it? If so can you please tell me the link to it. Thanx a bunch

  5. i watched this a year before with translation.
    But now i am looking for it again, i cant find it on youtube,,,
    can you tell me where can i watch it again??

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