YoonA lands leading role in KBS daily drama, “You Are My Destiny”

So Nyeo Shi Dae member YoonA is certainly going places as it was revealed that she was handed the leading role in KBS daily drama, “You Are My Destiny”.

YoonA going places

YoonA from popular girl group, So Nyeo Shi Dae will soon appear on the screens with KBS2TV daily drama, “You Are My Destiny” as the leading female role. The drama has finished being conceptualised and will start airing beginning May.

The drama sees YoonA character who is a orphan from young but is a stong-willed character who remains bright and cheerful. She loses her sight in an unfortunate accident but finds new meaning in life after receiving an organ donation from another girl of the same age.

The drama will depict the trials and tribulations of YoonA’s character and also talks about her acceptance into the family from which she got her cornea transplants from. I think it will be something like Goo Hye Sun’s “Pure 19” daily drama and not a sitcom like “Unstoppable Marriage”.

9 thoughts on “YoonA lands leading role in KBS daily drama, “You Are My Destiny”

  1. Unstoppable Marriage is a sitcom while I Hate You but it’s Fine is a drama. Both are shown daily, the only difference is maybe the earlier has canned laughter, you don’t get them with daily dramas.

  2. ive been watching this show so far and its really good and heartwarming!yoona can really act šŸ™‚
    ive been searching for the theme song though..i cant find it!

  3. At first I didn’t like her character all that much, but as the You are my Destiny is progressing, her Saebyeok character seems to be coming more mature and confident. She’s still a little too sweet for my taste. She could easily twist any guy to her will by letting out a few well-timed tears. Go YoonA.

    Saebyeok only got one cornea (I think she said it was for the right eye). She’s still somewhat blind in the other eye. Both of the eyes look pretty darn good, though.

  4. Actually I’m not Korean but I like watching your channal & I like watching your dramas very much.
    you are my destiny, it’s the best specally yoona. I like her character, sweet, warmhearted & confident.
    I also like her songs with her groups. I hope she’ll do better in the next drama.

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