Jewelry reigns supreme on Music Bank for 5 consecutive weeks

Korean 4-member girl group Jewelry set a new record on KBS Music Bank after getting No.1 on their K-Chart for the 5th week in a row.

Jewelry 5-in-a-row on Music Bank

On the 4th April episode of Music Bank, Jewelry managed to clinch No.1 on the K-Chart yet again thanks to their title song, “One More Time” from their 5th album. Starting from 7th March till 4th April, Jewelry has kept their No.1 ranking for 5 consecutive weeks, setting a new record. (For the record, Wonder Girls only won it 4 times with one week being broken by Insooni pipping them)

After winning No.1 again and setting a new record, Jewelry expressed on stage, “I think we’ve been staying in this No.1 position for a long time, but we are still thankful for the support from everyone.”

Since their debut in 2001, only two members, Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young remained from the original four (Lee Ji Hyun, Jo Min Ah left). Kim Eun Jung, Ha Joo Yun both born in 1986 were drafted in to fill the places and they launched their 5th album in February 2008 and have since enjoyed great success.

Jewelry ET move

Much as I would want to embrace this song, but it’s just not doing it for me. I don’t really like it and after watching two of their performances on Music Bank, it comes across as awkward to me. But that ET move is sure addictive.

8 thoughts on “Jewelry reigns supreme on Music Bank for 5 consecutive weeks

  1. sigh… it’s a bit sad that such hits are remakes of old western songs. personally, I hate their new style and image><. but good for them

  2. The song and the MV are okay, it’s just the way how their company packages them.. The rapper looks weird, Suh In Young looks like a high-end pro, the other girl looks too innocent to be mature, only Park Jung Ah is fabulous. x.x

  3. that’s how park jung ah described the move…”popping a zit” hahaha

    at first i didn’t like the song…but now it’s pretty addicting. i keep listening to it! lol

  4. I’m not too crazy about the song either, but it’s somewhat addicting.

    The “pimple dance” is interesting haha

  5. Well… can’t imagine any1 can get such a kick out of that weirdo move. if they do that with their legs maybe that’s something else.

  6. Oh lol.. btw, lets hope they shave their armpit hair before popping that gay move. Oh i forgot, they usually have long sleeves on to keep the smell ‘within’.

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