Jewelry “ET Dance” craze heralds the rise of girl groups

Following the recent success of Jewelry’s “One More Time”, their trademark ET dance move in the song has also gained popularity along with it. The move which has one of your hand over your head and meeting the finger of your other hand is currently all the rage in Korea right now.


It’s much alike the “Tell Me” mania by the Wonder Girls last year, many entertainers have taken to doing this ET move on various variety programs. Not long ago, SS501 also did the ET move with Jewelry on stage. Girl groups are currently gaining lots of attention and it’s widely anticipated that the past era where Fin.K.L, S.E.S, Baby Vox, etc reigned might be back very soon.

According to analysts from a wide ranging of medias, many girl groups often have to “toil” for several years before finally gaining any notable recognition. This is due to the fact that girl groups lack the strong character and personality of their male counterparts. Girl groups meanwhile are mostly judged on their appearances and dance and loses out to the guys in terms of music elements.

The rise and emergence of girl groups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, Jewelry, Wonder Girls plus Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi, SeeYa, etc have all gained recognition through their music and performances. Analysts hope that members from girl groups can broaden their music horizons by doing what their male counterparts are doing, composing songs for example to better themselves.

3 thoughts on “Jewelry “ET Dance” craze heralds the rise of girl groups

  1. I love girl groups….they should have a lot more respect and recognition compared to guy groups. It’s just because fans are mostly girls and so it’s hard for a girl group to appeal to them.

  2. I love this ET dance! So cute! Haha.. Glad to see they are doing well. Jewelry was never a huge favorite of mine but their songs are always catchy and I like them better than a lot of the new female groups popping up.

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