Andy and Solbi sweet moments continue in We Got Married

A taste of what is to come in tonight’s episode of “We Got Married” was released on their official website to whet the appetites of viewers.

Solbi and Andy in We Got Married

Perfect “hubby” Andy didn’t mind the rain one bit at all and just went to get coffee after his “wife”, Solbi said she wanted to drink it. Despite not having an umbrella, Andy just used his jacket as cover and braved the rain to get coffee. This was like a scene from a CF and got Solbi very moved when she saw this.

Another scene sees Solbi sitting on Andy’s lap and then start their Ja-Jyung myung game which they didn’t get to complete last week. The show starts tonight at 5.20pm (Korean time) on MBC.

8 thoughts on “Andy and Solbi sweet moments continue in We Got Married

  1. I’m loading this episode. Its sound nice !! Can’t wait to watch it eventhou’ no subs. hope no internet trouble next week.

    counting down for sunday !!

  2. i really love the show…andy and solbi looks good together
    i saw the episodes though others(episodes) have no sub…
    hope to see more of them…

  3. the show is really, really, really adorable with the two of them together…
    Seriously im hoping that the relationship can build off-show as well…
    Solby is just so frank and thats her trait that i like about her…and what else can u say bout andy,,,he’s just too cute and a gentlemen and thats just too good to be true…
    I think i liked him more than the other Shinwa members now…
    fyi…the episodes are nw sub…so u guys can now enjoy it while understanding it 100%…

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