Is Kim Jung Eun going to reply Lee Seo Jin?

Kim Jung Eun will soon be appearing in “On Air” like her boyfriend, Lee Seo Jin.

Kim Jung Eun

Her management said, “Kim Jung Eun will soon be appearing in a cameo role in On Air drama.” But they didn’t elaborate further on her character role.

In episode 9 shown on 2nd April, Lee Seo Jin character made a discreet marriage proposal which aroused the curiousity of viewers. They predicted that Kim Jung Eun’s role in “On Air” is likely to be one that replies to his proposal.

Rumours of their impending marriage has been speculated lately and many are anticipating to see the next chapter of their romance ending happily.

14 thoughts on “Is Kim Jung Eun going to reply Lee Seo Jin?

  1. It will be nice if really happen.Will be the first time in showbiz that the star propose marriage through drama series.Looking forward to this one.

  2. looking forward to her cameo as i am bored with all the series i am watching although they are good.

  3. and mee too…. coudn’t wait to see this episode (as if i’ve een the one with seo jin)… hah! wishing i could get to korea and understand their language… funny cuz am not just into kseries but also into the lives of kstars…

  4. annie, we’re the same…got hooked on kseries and kstars also especially to lsj and kju….hoping that someday there will be a cable channel here in the philippines airing live all the on going kseries….

  5. wow!!! guys i wanna be friends with you all KJE lovers… esp. to LSJ & KJE fans am lso crazy about them… how i wish we could access KJE & LSJ official website but its korean…. so i cant understand it… hope that they can have their site translated in english so that we can be updated by the news about them and the good part is it came directly from them… and we can send them message or something….
    KJE & LSJ more power and Godbless you both…

  6. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m very much happy the proposal that he will ask to kje I can’t awaits for her answer………. but then when we can see On Air both of them?

  7. it is great information when lsj plan to ask a proposal to kje, I could hurry to waits………. love you both!!!!!!!!!

  8. wow!!!!! goo gooo…. lsj i will support U I know that u really amaze kje coz of her nice n pretty character…… good luck idol

  9. Yap its great to be hear that kind of proposal I don’t think I would make it longer…………. say yes now KJE go go go adja , I’m very much happy to be part of your partnership that married goes out properly ……………… good luck you guys

  10. Hey guys my friends ask me to send this comments that they’re are happy about it, they much too over excited and eager to hear the response of his girlfriend Kje………….

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