Turtleman Lim Sung Hoon dies of a heart attack

Lim Sung Hoon, better known as Turtleman and leader of the 3-member trio, Turtles passed away yesterday morning after a heart attack at home.

Turtleman Lim Sung Hoon will be missed

After not responding to any of his manager’s calls and text messages and finding his house door locked, his manager got a locksmith to open the door. He found Turtleman lying on his bed and assumed he was sleeping. But when he couldn’t be roused from his sleep, his manager realised that something was amiss. It was later revealed that Lim Sung Hoon had died of a heart attack in his sleep 5 to 6 hours before being discovered. He was operated twice for myocardial infarction prior to this but never recovered fully from it.

He seems to have good relations with big and small stars in the entertainment industry as many of them streamed into his mourning hall to mourn his passing.. The most deeply affected ones must be his Turtles group mates Z-E and GeumBi who must have felt that this was a cruel joke.

Celebs mourns the loss of Turtleman #1
Celebs mourns the loss of Turtleman #2

Came to know about Turtles from their recent song, Sing Lala and it’s unfortunate that such a thing has to happen. He was only 38. My deepest condolences to Lim Sung Hoon’s family and friends. May he rest in peace.

3 thoughts on “Turtleman Lim Sung Hoon dies of a heart attack

  1. I couldn’t help crying right now. I don’t know anything about the Turtles really, but this is really sad.

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