Lee Seo Jin proposes to Kim Jung Eun through “On Air”

An audacious marriage proposal by Lee Seo Jin who was in a cameo role on SBS drama, “On Air” Episode 9 has become a hot topic of discussion overnight.

The scene saw Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soon) at the gym extending an invitation to Lee Seo Jin to appear in the drama, “Ticket to the Moon”. “This drama is pretty interesting, After you finish your current drama, the time is just right for you to pick this up. Let’s work together on this, how about that?”

Lee Seo Jin reply was, “What should I do then? I have something in mind already once I complete my current drama.” When Ki Joon asked what drama was it, he added, “Don’t know anything else other than knowing that I am the main lead. Not sure if it’s a romance or action drama?”

His lines got viewers wondering if marriage rumours with Kim Jung Eun after the completion of his drama, “Yi San” is really true. Jang Ki Joon then asked,” Are you planning on doing something weird?” Lee Seo Jin replied, “There’s a beautiful person and I wish to bring her back.” Ki Joon stared at him with his eyeballs almost popping out, “Don’t tell me it’s marriage?” Lee Seo Jin said, “Of course would want to get married, but not sure if she thinks the same way.”

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun in Lovers

Although it’s a television drama, the lines mirrors reality. It not only confirms that he and Kim Jung Eun are a couple, but also hints that marriage plans are well on the cards. To sum it up, Lee Seo Jin has created history by proposing marriage to Kim Jung Eun through a television drama.

12 thoughts on “Lee Seo Jin proposes to Kim Jung Eun through “On Air”

  1. Yep… I really hope they will get married since they are not young anymore and they really look good… i mean, they compliment each other….

  2. i hope they tie the knot soon.. they’re really lovely… aaaah.. ^_^ GodBless the both of them..

  3. i’m a filipino and a fan of kim jung eun… i really like her. recently, i watched lovers and it was awesome! i want someone like ha kang jae also… it made me happy to know that these two are real life sweethearts..

  4. it’ll be exciting………..
    as a fan of both, ill be the happiest fan ever………
    good to hear those article and i hope and pray that it’ll come true…………..

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