On Air relationship between drama and reality

Since SBS “On Air” drama was conceptualised last year, it had become a hot topic of discussion even then. With the partnership of golden pairing, director Shin Woo Chul and screenwriter Kim Eun Suk, plus Kim Ha Neul, Lee Bum Soo, Song Yun Ah and Park Yong Ha as the main cast, it was heralded as a unprecedented big budget drama. In addition, cameos from Jeon Do Yeon, Lee Hyo Ri, Lee Seo Jin, Kim Min Jun, Kang Hye Jung, Uhm Ji Won, Park Shi Yeon, Jeon Hye Bin, Lee Chun Hee have given the drama much added star power. So what exactly brings all the stars into this drama? SBS has published an interesting relationship chart for us linking everyone together.


“On Air” specially places special emphasis on drama itself, revealing how it is conceived and made. It carefully reveals the conflicts between the tv station, producers, writers, stars and their management, for example, bribery, product placement, sex transactions between female stars and businessmen plus other things that happen behind the scenes. The portrayal of the dark side of the entertainment industry has been lapped up by the viewers and it’s no wonder that it’s the top rated drama in it’s timeslot right now.

Song Yun Ah who plays a screenwriter in the drama has exceptionally good relations in the entertainment indsutry. Among the cameos who have appeared in “On Air” thus far, she can count Lee Hyo Ri, Uhm Ji Won, Kang Hye Jung as her good mates. Even Kim Hee Sun who is now enjoying her wedding vacation, also took time to visit her on the set with good food.

Screenwriter Kim Eun Suk and director Shin Woo Chul who have collaborated in “Lovers in Paris, “Lovers in Praque and “Lovers” is widely acknowledged as a golden pairing and their latest work has seen them assemble an impressive cast plus their previous favourite cast members have also come forward to lend their assistance. For example, Lee Seo Jin from “Lovers”, Kim Min Jun and Jeon Do Yeon from “Lovers in Praque”. What’s interesting is that Kim Min Jun and Lee Bum Soo were love rivals in another drama, “Surgeon Bong Dal Hee”.

Among the many scenes in “On Air”, one was poking fun at “Lovers in Paris”. Lee Chun Hee plays a handsome rich CEO while Jeon Hye Bin plays a poor girl who is in love with him, but she won’t be around for long because of terminal illness. Park Shi Yeon plays a spoilt brat who has a crush on the rich CEO. This scene pokes fun at the drama cliches from “Lovers in Paris”. For example, 2nd generation rich guy who falls in love with normal girl (fairy-tale romance), tragic story of a girl who gets terminal illness, hidden family background (actually is the long-lost son of a rich family, blah blah blah), romance, revenge, etc. Interesting point here is that Park Shi Yeon is a good friend of director Shin Woo Chul while Lee Chun Hee is the junior of screenwriter Kim Eun Suk.

3 thoughts on “On Air relationship between drama and reality

  1. There must be a lot of typical ingredient in Korean dramas to make fun of! Unfortunately the subbing has halted on that series for now, but it is a must see!

  2. Hey, when will the English subbing continue for On Air? I only have up to episode 12. I think the subbers are just too busy, but it will be nice to have it whenever they get it done.

    The ones I watch are releases by group Ental and subbed by Cichlid Team of KST.

  3. @@lex, give them time, I think they are doing a great job and on schedule. subbing is a thankless task.

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