Kim Myung Min and Lee Ji Ah in Korean version of Nodame Cantabile

Korean actress, Lee Ji Ah who became a rising star thanks to her role in last year’s epic drama, Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi has decided on her sophomore drama.


Six months after wrapping up the long and ardous filming for MBC’s Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi fantasy drama, Lee Ji Ah will return to our screens with charismatic actor, Kim Myung Min in MBC’s new drama, “Beethoven Virus”. 

Beethoven Virus talks about a group of young people and their love for classical music. Because of it’s classical music theme, it’s been said that this is the Korean version of popular Japanese manga/anime, “Nodame Cantabile”. Lee Ji Ah plays a violinist with a “refined” and “feminine” outward appearance but yet possesses a lively and mischievous personality. Kim Myung Min as a strong-willed, perfectionist orchestra conductor. Other casts are yet to be decided.

“Beethoven Virus” is receiving lots of attention because it’s a comeback for both Lee Ji Ah and Kim Myung Min. This drama will be directed by Lee Jae Kyu of “Damo” fame. Since being confirmed for the drama, Lee Ji Ah has been taking violin lessons to look natural while playing the instrument.

The 16 episodes mini-series, “Beethoven Virus” is scheduled for July 2008.

16 thoughts on “Kim Myung Min and Lee Ji Ah in Korean version of Nodame Cantabile

  1. really? wow., im really excited to know what is her next show and now here it is..teeheehee.. im looking forward to see this series not only for my most-awaited comeback of Lee Ji-ah but also for this Nodame Cantabile korean version.

    tnx.. ^^

  2. it’s not actually based on Nodame Cantabile by the way. they are just saying it might be since it’s also about classical music.

  3. This is cool. She’s going to be in a new drama (: I hope it will do as well as TWSSG. I’m not really fond of music drama stuff but I will give this a try once it comes out… I hope it won’t be a disappointment.

  4. when will this new series be shown. i really wanna see it. i love lee ji ah so much!! i hope to see it here in the philippines..

  5. i’m very happy that Lee ji-ah has new drama series movie……long time awaited with her new series…..with her new series it’s the time for another challenge to show all viewers that she’s good in acting……this is the next step to achieve her goal in performance………… we hoping that her new drama have a happy ending………i very like it…..

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  7. interesting news
    seen like now-a-days, most dramas have difference version
    in the past its the music and now its drama

  8. yes i wish lee ji ah will be a hollywood actress she have a rare beauty and high appeal and very very cute 4 me she is the mostbelegant actress in korea

  9. wah…when this drama will be released?? or it already released in the market?? if so i wanna see it ….hehe…i love lee ji ah so much…

  10. oah, really exciting to waiting new style of Ejiah, hope that its also become the other extraordinary of Kr entertainment. her fans true to support her nha ^^

  11. great drama , LJA is not compatible to KMM , she is ok in acting , she is famous due to her english skill more than her acting skill .

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