Danny Ahn never thought that Rain would make it big

Life is really unpredictable, isn’t it? Former G.O.D member, Danny Ahn revealed recently on a program that he had never thought that Rain would cut it in the industry and never dreamt that that he would become a global popstar today.

Danny Ahn

Danny Ahn mention in the program, “Rain was only a trainee at that time while the group I was in, G.O.D was the most popular group then. I often pointed out to Rain that he should learn how to control where he is looking at when facing the cameras. I will always add a sentence saying, “You can’t cut it.” Kim Tae Woo was worst than me, he often says to Rain, “You aren’t star material.”

But after listening to Rain’s second album, “How to Avoid the Sun”, it totally changed Danny Ahn’s perspective of him. He said, “Many reporters often asked for my opinion on Rain back then since I was his senior. I will always say that he is very cool.” He added, “We often keep in contact through the phone but now I don’t because I’m afraid of disturbing him. I keep up to date with his development through the internet just like many of his fans.”

“Not long ago, he sent a group sms to his contacts saying that this was his new mobile number. This already made me very contented.”

8 thoughts on “Danny Ahn never thought that Rain would make it big

  1. i use to like danny ahn but now, since he’s been appearing on tv shows with out of the blue confessions… his confessions are a big turn off…. first he sounded like he was bashing kim tae woo and now rain…

    i wonder.. when he was a trainee.. was he really that great that he could bash others.. i dont like him anymore!

  2. well. this kindof reminds me of se7en’s relationship with big bang how he critics the performances/ etc..
    so basically..it also helps rain to push himself to where he is..

  3. when you tell kids they are smart; they actually study less. for him to admit that he said those things means he is sincere. it takes guts to admit you were wrong.

  4. well no wonder Bi doesn’t talk to him anymore. Maybe he shoulda been nicer in the early days 😛

  5. Well, considering what Rain must have looked like back then, I would never thought he’ll make it this big either. 😛

  6. Umm.. Jackie, maybe you should read it again..
    Danny said HE doesnt talk to Rain anymore because he’s afraid to disturb him (since Rain’s super busy these days).

    From what I know, being a GOD and a Rain fan, they were pretty close despite Danny’s doubts. Taewoo and Kyesang seemed to be the closest with Rain back then. I’m sure they were like hyungs to Rain so I doubt he would think bad of them.

    I actually can find proof of how close they are if you want. =\

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