Bae Yong Joon to take legal action against reports of him dating Lee Ji Ah

A Korean news report claim that Hallyu star, Bae Yong Joon was dating late in the night with new rising star, Lee Ji Ah from the same company as he is in has caused a big uproar in Korea today. With regards to this, Bae Yong Joon management, BOF has strongly denied the report authenticity and expressed they will seek legal action against irresponsible reporting by this media.

Truth or Fiction?

This Korean media had published a detailed news report early this morning on what Bae Yong Joon has been doing lately. In this report, there was a photo of him sitting and chatting with a woman. This media claims that the woman is rising young star, Lee Ji Ah who had acted with him in MBC’s “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi” last year. Because of the many coincidences like they were a couple in the drama plus being in the same management agency, many after seeing this report today suspected that the both of them might be really secretly dating.

Bae Yong Joon management, BOF has swiftly issued their reply with regards to this. They claim that the photos taken by the media was only Bae Yong Joon having a gathering with his friends. As for the claim that the woman was Lee Ji Ah, they said that it was totally untrue. The woman in the photo is actually the boss of a beauty salon and also Bae Yong Joon’s makeup artist.

A BOF spokesperson said, “Because of the sudden turn of events, our operations and legal department are now discussing over all possible legal action. We will not back down from anyone that seeks to defame Bae Yong Joon’s reputation and image.”

40 thoughts on “Bae Yong Joon to take legal action against reports of him dating Lee Ji Ah

  1. theres no bad thing i see,coz all we khow..ofcourse in me..i like lee ji ah to be d girl of bae yong joon especially bae is still real life so for me there match with each other,and they worked in one project and they have a same talent agency,so i see theres no big thing to explain.

    theres no big thing,ryt??
    coz i say this coz i have a ryt to say things coz im a model and a writer i only want to share my opinion in this issue.

    hope tht everybody understnd my opinion…


  2. If any one wants to be respected, they
    should respect the others. Whatever
    BYJ does, that is his own and personal
    business. It should not be any one elses
    concern. Why don’t every one leave him
    alone. I respect him too much to even
    talk about his personal matters, and read
    about a such gossip….it’s discussting in
    my opinion. I respect him very much so!


  3. I didn’t know it was that serious.
    So your reputation will be defame if you’re dating Lee Ji Ah? That’s extreme. haha

  4. there’s nothing wrong if he dates several woman he’s single and there’s no doubt he’s real man okay…………..

  5. there’s nothing wrong with that…. they are both (bae and lee) not committed.. so they are free what they have to do… and i think its time for BYJ to be happy.. so why the people leave it that way…. whew! sometimes being famous are annoying because others don’t understand that he is a fully flesh human have feelings not a toys to look at…. 😀

  6. I think he’s not interested with that girl,but somebody else. Why should his agency reacted too much on this rumor?Or maybe him. This is the price Bae yong joon has to pay for all his fame and glory.Question is(this is to you Bae yong joon)…are you really happy with how you are living your life?hope so,since life is too short not ‘smelling the roses’ along life’s way.Remember, simple things can really truly makes you happy.There’s a sadness and melancholic quality in your face and stance.Makes me wonder…..I’m not a fan…just curious who you really are.

  7. it doesn’t matter that bae yong joon dated lee ji ah because for me BYJ and e ji ah are perfect match.and also they are both single….

  8. Dear BYJ, date whoever you like. Nothing wrong what…. and I really hope to hear you settle down. How about that?

  9. hi yong jun,

    after seeing the web of the interview at japan. you already have a lots of fans which supporting, earger when they saw you out from hotel.

    congulation yong jun. Happy and nice to saw that you finally is a outstanding actor now. Aja, yong jun. i hd been supporting quietly behind when the 1st show you shoot till now.

    yours sincerely friend here in singapore. (hope tis mail can reach and read by you)

    God bless you.

    You are a great actor!!!! you really amaze me the way you act!!! HAHAhA!!!!!!!! i am really touch on your drama! thE LEGEND!!! until now it leaves me hanging UP!! i cant really express my feelingS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHE BUT IM sure THE legend will not be that so much touchinG to me if you are not DAMDEOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA! YOU are such a great actor!! more power to you and god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope you will visit philippines someday!!!!!!!!!!!! im looking forward to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more blessing to come!!!!
    ahm……… bout the lee ji ah and you! you have a great team up! a oerfect match!! on tv only!!! hehehe!!! wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Poor Bae,
    Had only his hair dresser to chat with?
    We’d rather he’s chatting with Ji Ah, yah?

  12. what’s the big deal about the news bae yong joon dating lee ji ah? we, bae yong joon’s fans don’t really care who he dates as long as he is happy. don’t you agree?

  13. no big deal BYJ….

    Dear BYJ, do what you want to do….as long as you happy…date whoever you like. That is nothing wrong…your are still singgle…and I really hope to hear you have good news….

  14. He is indeed a very versatile actor. The fact that he plays all his roles effortlessly proves that he is indeed passionate in his work. I read an article stating that he loves to read about wine. Well, good luck on that. And true love will come knocking on the door of his heart one day. Too bad the lucky girl won’t be me. Hehe. But i sincerely wish the best to you, Bae!

  15. BYJ, not only a great actor but also an extraordinary businessman, so cool ……… i wish to be like him, so successful, no matter in his acting career but also in his investment. I’m wondering how he can manage his time so well, can do whatever he like, and at the same time also can keep himself so fit and so good looking (what a perfect image he have built up for himself). its seems he is perfect in everything, a man that care about what had happen in the world, esp as a donator, he really think of what those unfortunate ppl want….. he is so kind. no wonder he is so famous le.
    uhmm….. how to be like him, ar?

    got to know that he suffer insomnia recently, hope he will get well soon. by the way if you “Mr Bae” accidently read this, pls try to use home remedies for insomnia. get some aromatherapy essential oils eg. roman camomile and geranium will help a person to unwind before sleep and a glass of camomile tea will complete the process. for relaxant effect, you may try essential oils of camomile, lavender, neroli, rose, and marjoram, and add a few drops to your bathwater or sprinkle a few drops on a handkerchief and inhale. Hope you could understand english well.

    Take care and wish your dream to become an international awarded film director and awarded photographer, may come true. All the best.

    oh! yeah…… hope u’ll find your true love and get marry soon. best wishes.

    I’ll work hard for my career and future. hope i’ll be a successful person one day. KAMBATEI!

    from the bottom of my heart,

  16. BYJ…Hmm…I think the News are Crazy…Period ;D

    If I could only get BYJ email or some crap so I could contact him DD; So I can thank him lmao xD

  17. I do not think dating LJA will hurt BYG’s popularity! I think it will be the reverse!

    They look good together and have on screen chemistry (like Choi Ji Woo)

  18. It’s not about Lee Ji Ah.. It’s because BYG is REALLY popular in korea even with ahjummas.. although we, international fans, don’t mind.. many korean fans will mind.. SOME korean fans are really crazy..they’ll keep pestering the person that their idol is rumored with by messaging them.. leaving harsh comments.. even going to the person’s house.. sending things..etc..

    This is what I think, I know this because I know a LOT of fan incidents like these

  19. maybe he’s with another girl that is why he and his management reacted that way…and yes, his status is single but we are not sure if he is going out or already has a girl right…

  20. hey, if someone going to do something tat harm Jiah ( juz like wat Anne said) i will definitely CURSE them…

    everybody has thier freedom to date anyone , it’s ok for them to date 2gether , anyway, BYJ is lucky to date with LJA

    (even it’s fake )

  21. I greatly admire this actor BYJ since I saw his work in Winter Sonata and Hotelier. I intend to buy all the DVDs of all his TV series. He is so regal and is credible in his performance. I know he is popular in Asia and hopefully he will ern great popularity in the USA too. I give his DVDs as gifts to my friends so they will enjoy his work. Am a Philippine born American citizen and we Filipinos appreciate Asian actors especially Korean films which has fantastic cimematography and screenplan God bless BYJ!

  22. i am frm egypt i am witness to high number of girls who cried firmly of this great artist i cannot imagine to meet him and i cannot imagine even to have normal korean friends but i am sure all koreans r romatic and they r good people any way i will try to marry korean women and to complete medicine there
    my yaho is my name

  23. I absolutely agree with jody. The people who really care about BYJ just want him to be happy. He is a very loving and genuine person who deserves the best in life. He is sensitive, kind and thoughtful to everyone; a very gentle and gentlemanly man who really loves people, no matter who they are. Maybe some people could take a lesson from that, but I wonder. (BYJ, keep being the sweet, wonderful person that you are, and we, your family (fans) will keep loving you for who you are. With loving respect, Anna)

  24. i really like them
    i hope they”ll end up together
    for me they were the perfect couple ever;;;;;;;;;;;;

  25. BYJ is certainly gay. Personally it’s fine for me. He still has a mesmering smile and it’s a pleasure to watch him. However in Asia, it could be a problem for a public figure. That is sad not to be able to live openly what we are. Making dream a lot of women is also the basis of his wealth…

  26. Excuse me, elf, but Yong Joon-ssi is not gay. He said in an interview, back in 2007, that he hoped to get married in three years time. He has dated several Korean actresses and was reproted, in a reputable newspaper to be living with one of them just recently. Thank you so much, but get your facts straight, please.

  27. @annacronism

    what?? BYJ is dating an actress and is living together. I have yet to hear about this. I know that he was rumored with LNY, but I thought she or he dismissed the relationship.

  28. Sarah,
    Yong Joon-ssi was reported to be living with LNY, or ‘playing house’ as I believe the Korean reporters so politely put it. It was she, in an interview, who merely stated that she was not going to marry him; she never denied the relationship. Regards, Anna

  29. whatever the gossips are, i do still admire BYJ, inspite of knowing HIM for a short time only.
    Excellent acting in all his movies/dramas…thanks ……..jak***

  30. napaka defensive naman nito ..
    yung ibang artista nga kapag na-tsitsismis ng ganyan tinatawanan lang eh ..
    tapos sya napaka defensive ..
    kung sabagay hindi naman magandang tsinitsismis ka ng di totoo .. depende rin naman kasi sa tao yan kung marunong syang sumakay .. :))
    I mean, minsan kapag over defensive ang isang tao ibig sabihin minsan na nila tong ginawa .. haha jokes !!
    jokes lang ha .. baka may magalit .. :))
    tska wala namang malisya kung sakaling totoo nga na nagdi-date kau ni lee ji ah ..
    sana nga totoo nalang eh ..
    ganda ganda nya kaya ..
    haha .. sana kau magkatuluyan .. :))

  31. dear Yong Joon,

    i’m tasha from malaysia would like to comment that u shouldn’t do like that it will hurt your pride ok?oh i almost forgot you were the best in film industri

  32. …AnnyoNg haseyO
    ..If the news Is true AboUt Yuou and Ms.LEE JIAH….plEase do noT denY it….
    because thE truTh wiLl set yOu frEe…
    yoUr noT getting yonger anymoRe anD i think yoU need someOne to tAke care of You…just be careful to whom you Will give yout tRust…

  33. No matter what he’s doing I will still adore him, I love him because he is such a great actor, he plays his roles very well, Winter Sonata makes me fall in love with him and I was shocked that he also acted very well for Untold Scandal, love him in The Legend too with Ji Ah, so if they were dating, I think that’s not a big problem as long as he will still keep acting so his fans can see him, he is a human too like us, he needs someone and he is not young anymore he he he

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