Jang Nara Change Change Change

SBS Variety, “Change” always invites stars every week for a complete transformation and becoming someone else, leading a totally different life from their normal lifestyle. Last Sunday, they managed to invite popular Asian star, Jang Nara to their program and her task was to transform herself into a “dinosaur” girl that no one would want to take a second look at. Jang Nara went for a complete transformation from top to bottom that took several hours and it was a big success in that the hosts could not recognise her initially.

In this week transformation, the make-up artistes added layers of make-up to make her face look chubbier. She even permed her hair to make her look like a middle-aged auntie plus putting on black-rimmed glasses for added effect.


Jang Nara who has never gone match-making before in 28 years of her life, went match-making this time with the name of “Lee Jin Sun” with a guy. Her new image totally scared off the guy who was supposed to meet her and didn’t know what was going on in the first place. Although Jang Nara was happy that her disguise was a success, she no doubt felt crushed to be rejected. This segment was super hilarious and got good reviews from viewers.


Jang Nara second mission for that day was using the same identity, acting as a reporter and going back to her high school. There was this Teacher Jung who doted on Jang Nara when she was schooling and her task was to interview her. As Jang Nara walked nervously towards her teacher, she suddenly exclaimed in Jang Nara’s direction, “You looked very alike to my student, Jang Nara.”

Everyone started getting flustered thinking that Jang Nara identity was busted and Jang Nara tried to cover it up by asking her teacher questions continously. Teacher Jung obliged by talking about the past with Jang Nara, even remembering her student number till this day. Even though Jang Nara has graduated and is now a star, her teacher still prays for her well-being everyday. This touched Jang Nara and everyone listening during that day. This was one of the most touching episodes of “Change” thus far. 

At the end of the day, Jang Nara tore off her disguise on stage which led to a huge round of applause from watching students and the scene where she and Teacher Jung hugged each other was extremely moving.


The viewers were generally very happy with the content from this episode and messages from netizens on the official website acknowledged Jang Nara’s effort. They remarked that despite being in the industry for several years now, she still maintains a pure heart which is pretty hard to come by.

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