Han Ji Hye consoles Lee Dong Gun on her minihompy

Actress Han Ji Hye minihompy has always been one of the most popular ones around. Her break-up with Lee Dong Gun early this year in January after a four year relationship was lamented a pity by many fans.

Lee Dong Gun’s brother lost his life late last month in Sydney after a fatal stabbing incident involving possibly Asian crime gangs. According to sources, when Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye was dating, the latter became very close to his brother and treated him like her own family. And because of this close relationship, Han Ji Hye broke down when she heard about his death.

Han Ji Hye wrote a “Keep fighting!” message recently. It’s speculated that it’s written for Lee Dong Gun who lost his brother and is now a hot topic in Korea.

Han Ji Jye consoling message for Lee Dong Gun

Han Ji Hye had been to the mourning hall at the hospital on 28th March, just few hours after Lee Dong Gun bought his brother’s urn back from Australia. Eye-witnesses said once she reached the hospital, her tears just kept streaming down her face non-stop, paining everyone who was around her.

10 thoughts on “Han Ji Hye consoles Lee Dong Gun on her minihompy

  1. I don’t know what causes the split up between LDG and HJH, but I really feel sad about it. I hope that LDG will not be hurt and will meet a woman who is his match and really loves him.

  2. hai..please introducing me juliet,from indonesia.i love your drama with lee dong gun (little bride).i hope your relationsheep with lee dong gun will be better soon..may be i’m the one of person who will be very happy if u come back with him..i’m really sorry if my opinion hurt u…god bless u..

  3. My intuition tells me that he broke off the relationship and not the other way around. Time will tell if this is the case or not.

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