Unpredictable Relationships in On Air: Who will end up with who?

SBS drama, “On Air” which revolves around the life of celebrities, managers, producers and writers continues its interesting development. Episode 7 talked about how Oh Seung Ah ex-manager “cripples” her career and the dark side of artistes management. But the ending sees Seung Ah solving the problem by willing to take a step back and become the second lead instead by acting the 7 year old mentally challenged kid instead of the leading doctor role.


In the following episode 8, we see them going to Taiwan to choose location for filming while Seung Ah goes there as a travel ambassador of some sort. It was interesting to see them in Taiwan and visiting Jiufen which is a famous tourist spot and I have been there a couple of times myself. Seeing them there makes me want to go back there again. Kim Ha Neul also had to speak Chinese because of Oh Seung Ah ambassador role and her Chinese pronounciation was pretty fluent. This episode was very fun and enjoyable to watch.

The relationship development really progressed to another level in this episode and just when you thought that yes, they are together, they throw another storyline in to muddle your thoughts altogether, ingenious.

Right from the second episode, celebrity Oh Seung Ah and manager Jang Ki Joon are paired together while work commitments links writer Seo Young Eun and producer Lee Kyung Min together. Because of Ki Joon’s help seven years ago from a bogus fraudster, Seung Ah is very grateful to him and signs with him despite him struggling now. Jang Ki Joon also tells her about his crush on Young Eun many years ago while she was still a newbie writer. But he never ever told her about his feelings. As for Lee Kyung Min, he is attracted to Young Eun initially for her writing talent and then falls for her. While Young Eun likewise for him after having her tantrums neutralized by him constantly.



In the Taiwan episode, all of them goes to Jiufen separately at first. But by coincidence, Seung Ah meets Kyung Min in a shop where the latter suggests they should go together. Seung Ah agrees as they had a wonderful time together savouring the local delicacies, etc. And when Seung Ah was surrounded by fans who recognised her, Kyung Min suddenly puts his cap on her, takes her hand and runs away from the horde of fans. This was a spanner thrown in the works by the writers to mislead us probably. Then later back at the hotel, Kyung Min looks sweetly at the photos he had taken of her at Jiufen.

On the other hand, Ki Joon meets Young Eun at a teahouse as the earlier expressed his feelings for her vaguely. Extended background between them. There’s also the umbrella scene which adds to the ambuigity.


The confusing seemingly one-sided love between the four leads has gotten many viewers perplexed. Immediately after the Taiwan episode was broadcast, many netizens started posting on the official website hoping to see the four-way relationships being defined more clearly and also started giving their two cents about who should end up with who. Who would you choose?

Viewers are definitely enjoying “On Air” as it surpassed the 20% mark in ratings for both episodes last week, coming in top despite Hong Gil Dong last episode.

3 thoughts on “Unpredictable Relationships in On Air: Who will end up with who?

  1. I still haven’t watched episode 7 so I won’t read this yet…but I couldn’t help but stare at the screenshots…whoaa, did the pairing just switched?
    I would love a Park Yong Ha/Kim Ha Neul one…I know the drama made both PYH and Young-Eun 36 years old, but I’m getting an ajumma vibe from her. I don’t mind a Bum Soon/Ha Neul pairing though.

    You’re right…this is the first kdrama I’ve seen where it just isn’t clear. Ah…I can’t wait to watch episode 7!

  2. i totally agree with jaycee05. i would definitely LOVE to see a park yong ha&kim ha neul pairing. i do see the connection between pyh’s character and the young eun; and between leebumsoo&khn. however, i also get the ajumma vibe from young eun and i feel that lbs is kinda old for khn. however, i wouldn’t mind THAT MUCH if lbs and khn got paired together.

    but im still rooting for khn&pyh even though i think it’ll ultimately be lbs&khn and pyh&youngeun [i don’t know the actress’ name]

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