Shinji of Koyote has stage fright?

Fans are worried for Shinji after her recent “shaking” performance.

(Shinji appears at 1:32 into the clip)

Shinji uncharacteristic stage fright showing happened during the 29th March episode of MBC Music Core and got netizens really worried after seeing it. On this episode, Shinji was performing a duet with Sung Je, “Love is Possible”.

Many netizens pointed out that Shinji seems to be very nervous and was shaking throughout her performance. From the YT video above, you can clearly feel that Shinji’s mic was shaking while her facial expressions made people felt uneasy. The Music Core PD obviously realised this as well as they then focused on Sung Je as much as possible instead until it ended.

With Kim Jong Min in the army right now, Koyote is currently facing a temporarily suspension of actitivies. The company is awaiting on Shinji’s decision because they gave her two options, either release a Koyote album or a solo album. But Shinji hasn’t gave them a reply yet because of her stage fright ailment.

Shinji did well on Music Bank one week earlier

Shinji has never been comfortable performing by herself unless it’s a group or other format of performance. And if she decides to strike it out solo, rapper Baekga will be left in an awkward position. She also needs time to adapt to new partners. And even if she decides on a Koyote album, without Kim Jong Min vocals, it will feel like a Shinji solo album. And if there’s a need, they might need to draft a new member in which might be a problem when Jong Min returns.

Many netizens posted messages debating over her performance, “Is it because Kim Jong Min and Baekga absence?”, “It feels like she has stage fright?”, “Is she ill?”, “She looks really nervous, her shaking really pains us.”

And there were encouraging messages for her as well, “For your next performance, let us see the best of you”, “Fighting! Shinji fighting!”, etc.

Trifecta Entertainment explained, “As a member of Koyote for the past 10 years, Shinji can’t possibly have stage fright. The reason for her unusual performance was because it was her first time collaborating with someone outside of Koyote in 10 years and the tune was a ballad not the dance songs that she was familiar with. These reasons when combined have placed tremendous stress on her which resulted in her unusual showing. Hope that everyone can treat that as part of growing up pains and Shinji herself has said she will work doubly hard and give us a better stage next time.”

11 thoughts on “Shinji of Koyote has stage fright?

  1. Oooh, that’s quite unfortunate for Shinji.

    Actually, while reading your post, I never once thought that the shaking mic would have been so prominent – I’d figured that I’d see the tiniest bit of shaking in the video and that would be it.

    But she REALLY was extremely frightened … !!! And I think she noticed that her hands were shaking excessively as well, because she compensated by moving her hand/arms more dramatically to mask the shaking. And I LOVE Shinji, and I think she’s absolutely HILARIOUS to boot on variety shows (X-Man anyone? ^^), so this is really REALLY unfortunate.

    Hopefully she’ll be able to overcome it, once she gets used to singing different genres of music/ performing with other arists!!! In this case, a LOT more live performances with a series of diverse artists would be able to remedy her stage fright.

    But really, what impressed me the most and has made me admire her all the more is the fact that ALTHOUGH her body betrayed her stage fright, it had NO effect on her voice at all, which is TRES AMAZING and makes me admire THAT much more … !!! So, I’m totally rooting for her! Go Shinji … !!!!

  2. Wow. Poor Shinji. She sounded lovely though. I’m pretty sure they have songs they have recorded in the past that weren’t used so maybe they can put together a mini album just to keep the company happy. No one can replace KJM.

  3. oh thats good. i thought i was only seeing things. but wow. i feel bad for her. i was also thinking that its something to do with KJM and Koyote. i didnt think it is this bad. i think this weeks episode of Music Core is the worst yet.
    ShinJi is very talented because despite all this she still sounded awesome.
    i hope that whatever she is going through she will get through it fine. fighting! =)

  4. I really hope Shinji gets well! Koyote is my favorite korean band, because of the variety of talent (female singer, male singer, and rapper). Missing any of those will just not be Koyote anymore.

  5. Oh wow. I didn’t think it would be so noticeable. I thought you’d had have to watch really carefully, but you can clearly see she was nervous. Aw, poor Shinji. God bless her. She’s great. She sang well. You couldn’t tell that she was shaking at all from her voice.

  6. Shinji, don’t loose confidence………………………………
    youre so talented and cute!

  7. On an episode of Star Golden Bell EPISODE 289 she said shes really afraid of singing ballads… KOYOTE THE BEST…..

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