Lee Dong Gun brother’s funeral held today

At 7am this morning, Lee Dong Gun escorted his brother’s urn out of the mourning hall at Samsung Medical Center towards the church.



Lee Dong Gun’s brother, Lee Joon Yub Catholic mass was held at a church in Daechi 2(i)-dong at 9am this morning. Lee Dong Gun’s ex-girlfriend and actress Han Ji Hye was in tears as she stepped out of the church.



We share their grief and wish them well in this tragic event.

5 thoughts on “Lee Dong Gun brother’s funeral held today

  1. RIP and condolences to the family.

    Not sure if it would happen or if it would be a good thing, but do hope LDG and HJY got back together.

  2. god his face looks dead

    hope he and his family can come ove rthis tragedy and move on with their lives .

  3. hallo..my name juliet from indonesia,i’m really sorry to hear your bother..i hope you will be ok,i like your act,hopefully i can see your movie and drama as soon as possible.. i never admiering someone but since i saw your acting in little bride..truely i like it soo much..it changes the way i saw marrige..thanks to the scriptwriter…god bless u always..bye

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