“We Got Married” reveals celebrities out of bed looks

The four make-believe newly wed couples on MBC Sunday Sunday Night, “We Got Married”will be showing them getting up from bed and exercising together.


In tonight’s episode, Jung Hyung Don-Saori, Alex-Shin Ae, Solbi-Andy, Crown J-Seo In Young couples will reveal their fresh faces after getting up from bed. The four couple will also get a “exercise together for a healthy lifestyle” mission. The couples will have lots of interesting ideas to choose from. Andy-Solbi couple chose Pocketball and things got interesting after they decided to wager on the person who loses will have to give the other person a light peck.

Alex who charmed Shin Ae previously with his culinary skills and song bought her to a gym this time. Alex volunteered to become Shin Ae’s fitness trainer and his strict training regime even shocked the production team filming them.

Crown J and Seo In Young continued in their battle to assume supremacy over each other. They were suppose to go exercising but with both of them hating that, they started squabbling with each other, amply showing that they are the ticking time bomb couple in the program.

“We Got Married” is the first-ever program in Korea that unites two celebrities together to become a couple. Since it’s first episode on 9th March, it has gotten good reviews. After just two episodes, the growing popularity among viewers could be the catalyst for “Sunday Sunday Night” to see a surge in their ratings.

Have heard good reviews about this and frankly miss the romance factor in Korean variety. Although this is partly scripted, it still is helluva interesting especially after I watched the chinese subbed episode 2.

16 thoughts on ““We Got Married” reveals celebrities out of bed looks

    i love this show
    its nice that you posted more information about it
    i love your site

  2. I agree…I completely miss the romance factor (even if it’s scripted!)

    I’m going to hop over to Soompi to see if anyone is subbing this…. looks great!

  3. ooh looks soo interesting

    hope in future someone can english sub it 🙂 and maybe upload it somewhere hehe

    andy is cute ❤

  4. I loved this episode. I’ve seen so far cuts of Andy/Solbi and Alex/Shin Ae. They are both so cute. It was awesome when Solbi turned the tables around. That is great news coolsmurf that there are chinese subs! Eng subs should be coming around soon. =)

  5. hi, i know that you have a youtube link and you english subbed certain parts from this ‘we got married’ variety show. Could you please subbed all of them? since i cant read chinese and i dont understand korean, helppp..
    i already watched 4 videos that you’ve subbed, i love the show!!

  6. Hello, I want to know if there is only six episode of this show witch are out and if it’s because the episode are only out week-end by week-end ?
    thank you

  7. @sonia, it’s shown every sunday and up to six episodes has been shown thus far. episode 7 is this sunday.

  8. oh, I was a bit disappointed to know that this show was “partly??” scripted….I really thought that this is a reality show (no script)…

  9. hi i was wondering where i could download we got married with eng subtitles from? I know its been ages since the show was aired but i would appreciate it if someone could tell me…i’ve been dying to watch it

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