Andy likes pure and innocent girls like YoonA

“I like pure and innocent girls, someone like YoonA.”


Andy from Shinhwa was on MBC “Golden Fishery: Radio Star” on 26th March with Lee Min Woo and confessed about their ideal girl type.

Andy was asked by the MC, “Your ideal celebrity type is?” His initial answer was Kim Tae Hee. But the MC added, “Besides this general answer?” He then answered, “I like So Nyeo Shi Dae members, all of them.” ’


Shin Jung Hwan pressed on further and Andy shly replied, “I like YoonA. I like pure and innocent girls.” Lee Min Woo also said that his preferred celebrity lover would be Kim Tae Hee too. He described her, “She is like my air.”

Andy was asked which movie was uninteresting, Eric’s Diary of June, Minwoo’s Holy Daddy or Dong Wan’s Spin Kick. He said, “Sorry, Dong Wan hyung.”

23 thoughts on “Andy likes pure and innocent girls like YoonA

  1. @nathica, i was wrong, haha.

    i think saying kim tae hee, son ye jin, song hae gyo, jeon ji hyun are safe choices since it probably won’t happen.

  2. Oh dear. Sorry, Andy sshi. I thought that was like a pedophile thing to say. Haha! *sigh* Everybody’s ideal girl is Kim Tae Hee. That woman’s perfect!

    He definitely should’ve mentioned “the little mandoo herself, sohee”. What better example than Korea’s litte sister? It’s okay though. Eric sshi likes Sohee. =D

  3. answers always picked for ideal girl:
    1. Kim tae hee
    2. Jun ji hyun
    3. Han ga in
    4. Song hye kyo
    5. Son ye jin

  4. Notice in that top 5 list, a lot of them are considered “natural”. I guess the movie 200 pounds beauty really portray reality: we are okay with others being plastic but not when it’s our loved ones

  5. kim tae hee!!!

    man! that woman is undeniably beautiful!
    and she’s all natural, only song hye gyo is said to have a nose job, but i don’t buy it. all of them i believe is pretty inside and outside. except snsd’s tiffany! >:p

  6. ^SHG’s nose is evident through the photos. pictures dont lie, but whatever, if she’s not comfortable with how it looked before, and with the added pressure of being THE natural celebrity, her fans should just accept that.

  7. I like YoonA, but I don’t LOVE her.
    She’s okay and I got to admit that she does look really nice 🙂
    LOL I think the meaning “innocent” or “pure” might mean, to me, someone who did not undergo plastic surgery…LOL. But of course, other members from SNSD can be pure as well..That’s just my assumption 😛

  8. …hI yOoN iM ChElLe aHnD I LIKe uR SoNg gEe, iWoUlD LiKe tO SaY I PrOuD Of U aNhD YhE gIrLs gEnErAtIon…

    hOpLy i sEe U SoOn…

    ..ByE MhY IDol…

    PlSz aDd mHy fAcE BoOk…

    …ThNx yOoNa…


  9. Happy Birthday Tiffany Wish you pretty .!!!!!!!!! I love Yoona very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Yoona is just a Typical Korean Girl with innocen Look. Majority all Korean Girls look alike. Don’t mean anything frank opinion.

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