Lee Dong Gun brings his brother’s urn back to Korea

Lee Dong Gun returned to Korea via Incheon Airport at around 6pm yesterday evening with his brother’s urn. He wore the customary black suit with a pained expression on his face as he exchanged a few words with grieved relatives at the arrival gate before swiftly departing the airport.


When Lee Dong Gun appeared at the arrival gate area with the urn yesterday, his relatives couldn’t bear the grief and started sobbing. Lee Dong Gun was expressionless and his blood-shot eyes tells us that the loss of his dear brother has bought him immense pain and we can only look on.


His brother, Lee Joon Yub, 19, collapsed and died on the footpath outside World Square after he and a friend became embroiled in a brawl with two Chinese teenagers and was stabbed outside Hungry Jacks on 20th March.

Lee Dong Gun who had been very close to his brother immediately flew to Australia with his parents the next day to claim his body after learning of the tragic news. His brother’s body was cremated in Sydney on 26th March.

Upon returning, Lee Dong Gun immediately headed for the Samsung Medical Center at Ilwon-Dong where his brother’s urn will be placed temporarily at the mourning hall. The funeral will run for four days while a memorial service will be conducted in a Catholic church through a mass format on 31st March.

Actress and former girlfriend of Lee Dong Gun, Han Ji Hye came to the mourning hall and used her tears to console him over the tragic loss of his brother. She arrived at around 11.30pm last night, just a few hours after Lee Dong Gun had returned with his brother’s urn from Australia.


According to someone from Han Ji Hye’s company, “After completing the filming for “I Hate You But It’s Fine” drama, she rushed over to the hospital immediately.” It’s understood that when she arrived, she started tearing because she had lost someone who was like a brother to her as well.

Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong Gun was a couple until the end of last year when they broke up which left many fans disappointed.

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5 thoughts on “Lee Dong Gun brings his brother’s urn back to Korea

  1. that’s just sad..
    maybe he wants to cry to, like everybody else,
    but lee dong gun have an image to maintain in front of public

  2. =( I can see the sadness around him… his eyes express it very well. I hope he will not grief so much. Best wishes to him.

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