Korean words emblazoned on Rain’s race suit in Speed Racer arouses interest

A full-length body picture of global popstar, Rain who plays Taejo Togokhan in his Hollywood debut movie, “Speed Racer” was revealed recently and the Korean words emblazoned on his track suit aroused interest.

Thailand《MT Movie Time》Speed Racer Movie Introduction, revealing Taejo Togokhan (Rain) full-length photo

“Speed Racer” is adapated from 1960s Japanese anime Mach GoGoGo which was authored by Tatsuo Yoshida. The movie is written and directed by the Wachowski brothers of Matrix trilogy fame.

Rain plays a East Asian rookie driver and his character invited criticism in the production stage because his Taejo Togokhan character was originally Japanese but yet he was representing Korea.

So with that in mind, Rain started brainstorming in order to make his Taeko character look Koreanised and one of his ideas was to emblazon Korean wordings on his track suit and helmet.

According to Rain’s management, “Rain is one of Korea’s top stars and with this being a Hollywood movie, we have been trying our best to change the original Japanese driver image into a Korean one. He (Rain) suggested to the production company to emblazon Korean words on his track suit and helmet and they thought it was a feasible idea and it was later adopted.

They also added that the Korean words emblazoned on the left arm of his track suit and helmet wrote, “Togokhan” which also meant that the Japanese identity was being marginalised.

Rain’s movie, “Speed Racer” will be shown all over the world on 8th May. He is now currently undergoing training in Berlin, Germany for his leading role in Hollywood movie, “Ninja Assassin”.

4 thoughts on “Korean words emblazoned on Rain’s race suit in Speed Racer arouses interest

  1. Rain is the ONLY reason I went to see ‘Speed Racer’ last night, and despite his character intending to be Japanese and later being “Koreanized” doesn’t offend me at all.

    I find when there are Asian roles in Hollywood films, they are almost always casted as Japanese or Chinese in origin, and I’m glad that the production company was open enough to recognize and make the role more diverse.

    Korea got represented, and I think Rain is the appropriate ambassador to stir people’s interests and break prejudices.

    The movie wasn’t what I was expecting, at all, but I didn’t walk away too disappointed, simply because his role wasn’t reduced to a background character who stares sulkily in the corner and is only mono-syllabic.

    And I’m liking the fact I can read the Korean script on his racing garb…so cute! ^.^

    I’ll continue to support Rain and hopefully others can see that superstar quality he has! ^_^

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