Eric, Lee Dong Gun, Jo Hyun Jae final act before military

With Gong Yoo, Chun Jung Myung, etc entering the military already, the next batch of stars scheduled to join them include Jo Hyun Jae, Lee Dong Gun and Shinhwa member, Eric Mun has become the focus of attention from the media. With time running out for them, they are grasping the opportunity in their “final act” in order to leave a good impression on the viewers and with no regrets.


Shinhwa member, Eric has lately revealed that he will be taking on his first period drama in his career and will be playing the main lead in KBS “Strongest Chil Woo”. His character is a top assassin in an assassination organization. Eric will be entering the military in September and “Strongest Chil Woo” will end filming by end June and shown immediately. Eric might miss promotional activities for Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary Album because of this drama filming.

Lee Dong Gun who lost his younger brother days earlier was reportedly set to join “My Name is Kim Sam-Soon” actress, Kim Sun Ah in MBC “Every Day Every Night”. According to the Korean media, “Every Day Every Night” has a strong backing and even managed to cause highly anticipated “East of Eden” drama to be postponed. “Every Day Every Night” will show after “Yi San” ends around June. The drama is based on the Namdaemun arson incident that happened in February this year and also talks about protecting Korean cultural relics.

“One Mom and Three Dads” which will be shown in April on KBS talks about Na Young (Eugene) who challenges the role of a unwed mother while perfect lover Jo Hyun Jae will treat this drama as his final act for his horde of fans.

In addition, Kim Rae Won and Nam Sang Mi, “Gourmet” drama will also greet viewers on SBS in April. He will enter the military following this drama filming.

11 thoughts on “Eric, Lee Dong Gun, Jo Hyun Jae final act before military

  1. shinhwa 10 years<3
    cant wait till erics new drama
    sounds exciting
    i cant wait for the others too
    i feel bad for lee dong gun to go so early right after a tragic event
    anyways fighting to them :]

  2. I’m sad to hear that Lee Donggun will render his service in the military. I will not be seeing him for a year.

  3. i hope they give lee dong gun another year or two before military service… his mom will be so devastated if he goes to military when his younger brother jsut passed away 😦

  4. I am so glad that Lee Dong gun will only be gone for a Year…I just have to stock up on all your movies ,dramas and CD’s so I would not miss you that much.No matter what..You have to do your Duties to your Country.Just be very Careful.Before you know it…..1 year is over….We will be waiting for you..Good Luck to you kid!!!!!!!!!

  5. FYI…That new CD of Lee Dong Gun is Fantastic It is definitely a “MUST HAVE”……..I am listening to it right now….I understand just the English part of it…..but his voice is just perfect….It is called Tsukiakari…Lovin it……..

  6. I will miss him when he is gone, but I will also be waiting eagerly for him to come back to all the people who love him so deeply. I hope that movies producers will give him good projects to work on, so that his acting ability and great look can be fully recognized and enjoyed by all his fans

  7. To my LEE DONG GUN,

    Like the song goes, “If it takes forever, I will wait for you…”

    Please take good care of yourself at the military and am looking forward to your next project once you’re out! I’m already enjoying “When Night Comes”.

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  8. im so sad when i heard about this news!!!!!i love jo hyun jae forever!!!!he’s my one and only favorite korean actor!!!!!!!ever and ever!!!!!!

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