Storm Riders 2 character artwork leaked

Series of character artwork for characters in the new “Storm Riders 2” movie was released recently on the internet. Besides the earlier two released of Cloud (Aaron Kwok) and Wind (Ekin Cheng), other supporting and generic characters artwork was also leaked apparently together with them.

“Storm Riders 2” will make use use of CG extensively and post-production is expected to last for about a year. Costume design will be taken charge of by Oscar nominee and famous Hong Kong art producer, Hai Chung Man. He will re-design their outfits according to the new storyline. And from the new artwork, we can see that there’s a vast difference between the first movie and now.

Stormriders 2

The most obvious difference is Aaron Kwok’s Cloud character. He no longer has wavy blue hair and also doesn’t flex his Fire Beast arm anymore. He is now outfitted with armour instead but still looks far more awesome than the previous. Ekin Cheng’s Wind character still look as good if not better. Charlene Choi Second Dream character looks pretty good too in her outfit.


New China actress Tang Yan role as Chu Chu is the only exception here as she has two artworks, one showing her in a mysterious hood and the other uncovered. Nicholas Tse Juet Sum character is decked out in golden armour.


The following are artworks of generic characters in the movie. All of them looked very detailed and is a good fit for the original comic characters artwork.



4 thoughts on “Storm Riders 2 character artwork leaked

  1. awesome artwork, i love the rough burshstroke!
    may i know the name of the illustrator?
    is he the one who draw fengyun comics,
    i doubt because the style here looks different

    cant wait to see stormriders 2!

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