Minwoo reveals Shinhwa gossip and says sorry to ex-girlfriends (not!)

Shinhwa members, Lee Minwoo and Andy was on MBC variety, “Golden Fishery: Radio Star” yesterday as they revealed the actual reason behind Shinhwa leaving SM Entertainment when their contract expired, why Shinhwa members got into fights and Minwoo apologising to his ex-girlfriends.

Shinhwa has already been together for 10 years and everyone is very curious as to whether they have fought with each before. The host asked if any of them fought over the past 10 years and Minwoo replied, “I did scold JunJin before but the only time I fought was with Shin Hye Sung. We even saw blood at the end. The host continued to ask for the reason to which Minwoo smilingly said, “Hye Sung once he drinks one drop too many, he likes to cling onto people and start talking non-stop. So there was once when we were drinking and he was at it again. At that time, I needed to go to the toilet but he kept holding me back. I just hit him because I really needed to go and then he retaliated and hit me back. We traded blows one after another and it became a big fight.


Minwoo also revealed that they often get into fights because of silly things. And one of the most ridiculous one was because of a fart. He revealed, “Sometimes, I will give out a fart but I will lay the blame on someone else. But some of them hate this kind of joke and so we will end up quarrelling in the end.”

They also revealed why they ended their contract with SM Entertainment. Minwoo said, “When Shinhwa contract with SM was up, they only wanted to re-sign some members only not all of us. We felt that we couldn’t give up Shinhwa and thus decided to leave SM Entertainment as a group instead.

Minwoo also said sorry to the female artistes whom he said he liked on a variety show last year. When the host asked if such a thing happened, Minwoo said, “I was very naive then and accidentally blurted out their names.” “I never thought that there was a need to protect their privacy.” “Although it wasn’t my intention, I am sorry for causing them a great deal of stress and problems.”


Lee Minwoo had expressed on a variety show last year that Suh Ji Young and Shin Ae were two girls that he really liked in the past. After that happened, Minwoo said, “After that happened, I contacted them saying I didn’t mean to do that. We are now still good friends and they have their own boyfriends now.”

18 thoughts on “Minwoo reveals Shinhwa gossip and says sorry to ex-girlfriends (not!)

  1. I can’t believe SM did that….I bet they’re REGRETTING now seeing how popular Shinhwa is as a group to this day.

  2. i’m glad that SM didn’t disband Shinhwa. It wouldn’t be the same without all it’s members. They sound good when they are separate in shows, but when they are all together in a show they all just change. They are more relaxed and more up to making jokes.

  3. It’s cool to see that this group did not separate and stuck together, unlike H.O.T (whom I like equally– both groups are all time greats).

    It seems SM tries to do this whole weeding out process consistently. They were such a power house before. Just think about it — H.O.T, Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, S.E.S… etc… They still are pretty good, but nowhere near what they were back then.

  4. ah those girls are so lucky to be liked by minwoo..
    argh.. SM.. again the case!! ahhh why does that d*mn (sorry for the pun) Soo Man like to tear up the boybands he had made so famous and well-accepted.. luckily shinhwa members really sticked together through thick and thins.. and thus, yeah i love them the most!! no wonder this is already their 10th anniversary together.. their bond is really.. awesome *getting teary-eyed* thank God history didn’t repeat itself (H.O.T’s breakup).. i’m glad shinhwa is together even till now! they’ve been together since i was just a junior high school student! omo~ luv luv luv

  5. just to add something, SM better don’t do this kind of thing to our Dong Bang boys.. *mad*

  6. i do agree with all of your comments that this band did not separate because if they actually did?my gawd i would never see them… hehehe and know them! hehe… thank God!

  7. didn’t he act like he liked seo in young on xman? this was funny…and she ended up with the guy from goong on the show. (i think it was ep. 59/60)

  8. Luckily Shinhwa not disband……. I love both six guys of them
    *^_^! each personality & talent…… especially minwoo oppa…… *^_@! Salang-hye-yoe!!!

  9. Hahaha, what a silly reason to get into a fist fight. But still funny. They’re such silly guys, but I love ’em! Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Thanks for not disband! thanks for performing together till now! thanks for everything U did…………I love you so much!!!

  11. hey! just wanted to check where can we get to watch the new variety show kko kko tours which feature minwoo and tim?

  12. well i hope SM doesn’t do the same thing with dbsk…
    well if that happen i’m gonna cursed SM.. just like shinwa, dbsk will always be five..

  13. minwoo, you are soooooo appealing. the way your body moves when you dance and sing oooh…… suabeee!! i cant help but carried away. shinwa my shinwa.

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