Charlene Choi on the verge of nervous breakdown?

Gossip magazines are famed for writing exaggerated stories based on pictures. But I decided to post this since I think there’s some truth in that Charlene Choi is really tired and stressed out lately having to do so much by herself.

Charlene Choi is reportedly on the verge of breaking down due to the stress and tiredness of doing everything by herself in the absence of Gillian Chung who is still on vacation. Two magazines have reportedly claimed different stories to suggest that Charlene is not in the best of conditions right now.


“3 Weekly” claims that Gillian had gone on a lovey dovey vacation with Juno Mak, leaving Charlene to fend for herself and taking in all the pressure from the fallout of the scandal. This has led to Charlene feeling stressed out and her weight has dropped to only 88 pounds with her health blinking red.

Ah Sa (Charlene) who has always greeted us with a smiling face is actually frowning behind her smile. Just see what she has to do in Gillian’s absence.

  • Having to answer question after question about Gillian Chung despite her total non-involvement at all in the whole Edison Chen scandal
  • Having to attend more events than usual by herself alone to make up for the shortfall in terminated appearances due to the Edison Chen scandal
  • Making almost daily public appearances
  • Having to replace Gillian in the movie “武侠梁祝” which is in addition to her scheduled role in “Storm Riders 2”. She has to now fly between Shanghai and Thailand simulatenously since both filming schedules are in the same time period. Last but not least, both are action movies
  • All in all, the reports suggests that she is on the verge of a breakdown resulting in her appetite declining. There were even reporters asking her about Isabelle Leung problems to which she replied, “I can’t handle so much”.


    Another magazine, “East Weekly” reportedly got a shot of Charlene crying on the shoulders of someone and her eyes were so sore after that that she had to buy eyedrops to lessen the pain. It continued by saying that Charlene often cries to herself after reaching home and is having sleepless nights. Days earlier, after doing a body check-up in Central area, she especially headed over to the pharmacy to get eyedrops for her sore eyes.

    Credit: NetEase

    6 thoughts on “Charlene Choi on the verge of nervous breakdown?

    1. i feel really sorry for her. It made me tired just by reading all she has to do. She should take some time to recover herself or else she will erupt any time soon.

    2. man I feel sorry for her. Like yahman said, her partner is leaving all this crap behind so Charlene can clean it up.

    3. I feel so sorry for Charlene. Gil is getting her all stressed out and if this keeps going on she might not be able to continue her career as a singer\actress anymore til she gets better.
      I hope she finds a way to deal with all this crap.

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