SS501 relishes competing against girl groups

Despite girl groups having a stranglehold on the industry right now, idol group SS501 was confident and felt that this is a good opportunity for them.


After focusing their attention on the Japanese market, SS501 have found that on their return to Korea this year, girl groups like Wonder Girls, So Nyeo Shi Dae plus Jewelry this year have dominated the Korean market in their absence.

With regards to the present situation, SS501 expressed, “Girl groups have been really popular recently and people have remarked that it would be a difficult period for us to break through. But if you think from another perspective, it’s a good opportunity for groups like us.” They added, “There are too many girl groups now so if there’s a male group coming in, it would be very different.”

“If we say that girl groups possess sexy charisma, then male groups charisma is power. Both are different and there’s ample room for both to co-exist.”

SS501 has been making their comeback recently on music shows with songs like, “Deja vu” and “my destiny” and their popularity has been surging.

11 thoughts on “SS501 relishes competing against girl groups

  1. A Song Calling for You and Deja Vu are my favorites. Nice techno mix and some awesome vocals. I LOVE YOU. By the way, Hyun Joong, you’re amazing in BBF. ❤

  2. wooooooooo
    you are the best i looooooooooove youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    so so so so much
    you are the best boys of korea ^_^ wooooooooo
    i love you i love i love ss501 bezaf

  3. I love SS501.But I didnt know that Hyun Jung was in this boy band. I mainly know him from Boys Before Flowers. So i’m used to calling him Yoon Ji Hu. By the waySS501 is my first Korean boy band and they ROCK ^_^.

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