Lee Dong Gun’s brother cremated in Sydney

Lee Dong Gun attended his brother’s memorial early this morning from 10 – 11am together with 100 of his brother’s classmates.


The memorial mass was held by a pastor while a Korean student representative from Sydney University read the eulogy. After the memorial was completed, Lee Dong Gun’s brother body will be cremated in the rural areas of Sydney. His ashes will be bought back to Korea on 28th March and a proper funeral will be held three days later on 31st March. Lee Dong Gun was supposed to leave today with his brother’s ashes but postponed his departure because of this memorial mass organised by his brother’s classmates.

We wish Lee Dong Gun and his family to be strong in this tragic moment.

7 thoughts on “Lee Dong Gun’s brother cremated in Sydney

  1. they look so much a like that i thought it was LDG who died. and i freaked out that i didnt even hear the news…. look at that picture… so so look alike

    may he rest in peace.

  2. that picture is so wrong. they shouldn’t have allowed for pictures to be taken. i feel so sad for LDG.

  3. oh seeing the tears in his eyes is so sad
    gah i feel his pain
    reading about the news just bring tears to my eyes

  4. My heart goes out to LDG & his family – my prayers also to his late baby brother that he may rest in peace! May the Lord gives LDG the strength at this very sad & difficult time! I feel his pain too! My deepest sympathy to Lee & his family!

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