Ivy comeback is hotly debated by fans and critics

Since Ivy’s ex-boyfriend threatened to release an “intimate” video of them in November last year, she suspended all activities and was rarely seen in public. Four months later though, there are signs that she is preparing for a comeback which has become a hotly debated topic right now between fans and critics.


Since early last month, there were signs that Ivy was preparing herself for a comeback. There were rumours in the song industry that Ivy was going to record her 3rd album and starting to source for composers and collect songs. And according to someone close to Ivy, they even released an approximate comeback time, around June-July for the release of her 3rd album.

Problem is critics are questioning whether it’s too early for Ivy to make her return considering that she had an “inappropriate” lifestyle and lying about it in the beginning which caused her to disappear from the public eye initially.

Before the storm, Ivy was regarded as a high-class elite sexy singer and her wholesome singer image was highly revered by fans and advertisers alike.

Since then, advertisers have since started lawsuits against her for “violating” their contract terms and asking for 5 million KRW in compensation. The general public was also affected by this whole saga which dragged for a while.

There were also speculation that Ivy’s comeback was meticulously planned in advance. After suspending all actitivies following the incident, Ivy suddenly appeared at a music awards ceremony towards the end of the year and apologized with teary eyes for lying and disappointing her fans. This followed last month when Ivy attended her graduation ceremony at Dongduk University and looking extremely happy, smiling for the cameras at every occasion.

This had led to the public thinking that, “She will probably be appearing on stage the next time she appears”.

Some fans are also anticipating a possible battle between Ivy and Lee Hyo Ri where the latter is scheduled for a comeback in the middle of 2008.

Fans have also been flooding Ivy’s official website, “Poison Ivy” welcoming her decision to comeback. They felt that it would be too much of a rush in the earlier part of this year and shouldn’t be too anxious. They hope that Ivy has sufficient time to prepare for her comeback with a perfect album.

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