DSP new boyband A’st1 challenges Super Junior!!!

Pure brillance or stupidity? Daring to take on argubably one of the most popular idol groups in Korea today and their fans certainly takes some courage.

DSP recently released a video clip of A’st1 on various video sharing websites in Korea which has CAUGHT the attention of many. In this hotly disputed video, one A’st1 member (I assume it’s their leader) uses Chinese calligraphy and writes on a blank white scroll. It was then revealed that the words were, “Knockdown Super Junior” as they bravely laid down an open challenge.

Daesung Entertainment who already has popular boyband SS5501 on it’s books will debut their new 6-male group A’st1 which is composed of Korean members Park Jung Jin (22), Byun Jang Moon (21), Sung In Kyu (21) and Lim Han Byul (20), Japanese member Tomo (22) and Chinese member Haiming (22). And despite yet to debut and relatively unknown to most, DSP has either gone nuts or simply gung-ho with their brazen marketing strategy. It’s now or never!


Suicidal one might say. But frankly, if not for this video, who would give them a look-in especially for neutrals like me? After this, more would have known about this new group called A’st1. But will they live to see the day?

Super Junior fans, especially their ELFs fanclub are likely to stage a fightback and post anti-messages against them to protect their idols and there’s a “bloodbath” is looming ahead in the industry. Good luck to them.

A’st1 will make their debut in April 2008 with their single titled, “1234back”. Discuss about them at Soompi.

51 thoughts on “DSP new boyband A’st1 challenges Super Junior!!!

  1. Maybe it’s A-street 1? LOL.. Omg I hope they are aware of the fierceness of ELF. Hahahahahaha.. They just dug their own graves. Anyway, I’m open to new bands.. So if they’re gonna put up a challenge they better be damn good! Wicked dancing and wicked voices please!! We need better quality bands instead of just cutesy poppy stuff..

  2. i agree with ayu. They better be good after the dared to make such a thing. They’ll get attention, but if they don’t chalk up fame, their gonna be soon below ground in this industry.

    I don’t like this type of marketing. In order to get known , they use other’s fame. Even if they obtain negative remarks, they still get them. I wish they’d just sing and dance and obtain fame through normal ways.

    And their target has such a strong support. I’ve never seen fans so dedicated to their idol like ELF is. They sometimes scare me. I think they’ll do anything for SuJu and they won’t have rest until they sink A’st1 into anonymity.

  3. kekeke as much as i dont like marketing idea of using a FAMOUS NAME to get people’s attention, this group (i dont even know how to pronounce their name but i guess it something relates to “star” and i think i might end just just copying and pasting their name instead of typing it) only proves one thing by using suju’s name. SUPER JUNIOR IS THE REAL STAR. let us see if they can over the top SuJu which i doubt since this will cause uproar within ELF. and they dont have a fanbase yet to support them. tsk tsk tsk. i wish them good luck though.

  4. oh my goodness. its pure suicide!
    ive always thought that elves can destroy a country, a third-world country or a developing country, if they wanted too.
    and this kind of marketting gimmick will not last long, the elves will eventually get really pissed and buy their stocks and put them to exile to mars.
    i dont like the gimmick since im fond of suju.

    i highly doubt i will like them because im already waiting on JYP’s boy band, but one thing is for sure..
    They should never be alone at night!

  5. Funny when you mentioned “bloodbath”, the word that went to my mind was… “LITERALLY.”

    ELF will literally murder these people. I’m not kidding. -o-

    I feel so sorry for what ELF can do to them already. ELF is an example of how messed up OBSESSION is. It’s scary. -o-… ELF is scary. Call me paranoid or anything… ELF can do ANYTHING. -o-

    Yet, I still view them as ridiculously pathetic.

    I like SuJu… but ELF??? They make it hard for me to like Suju. lol

  6. hahaha a’st1 wants to challenge super junior?? they really gotta nothing to do in their stupid life!!!! i hope elf gonna go give them a good lesson!!!! hahahaha let me laugh!!!!! they are only a new boyband and already wanted to defeat suju?? hahahahha!!!!!!! ROFL!!! and i bet they don’t have any fans!!!! hahaha A’ST1= STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA:P new boyband and wants to be really cool and famous??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  7. LMFAO! Good luck with that newbs.
    How stupid, they are not off to a good start.
    They probably suck. Heck, they’re name is even crappy. How do you pronounce it?O_O
    I hope they fall hard and good.

  8. they look good to me.. they must be really pretty good in their craft.. while super junior members each have their own charisma and talent, i hope these guys could showcase more…

  9. Umm… seriously… do they want to wreck their chances of being popular???

    Even if they deliver on the challenge, and TRULY knockdown SuJu in terms of better dancing, better singing, better image/styles, and better promotion… how do they expect to beat E.L.F.?

    Think about it… right now, SuJu fans in Korea and around the world are buying THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of SM Entertainment stock JUST BECAUSE Lee Soo Man is thinking of adding a new member into the group. Seriously. They are.

    And did we forget that E.L.F drove one unlucky girl to commit suicide, threatening her and sending her anti-messages, just because SHE POSED IN A PICTURE with Kangin??

    Does this group NOT want to see themselves past debut? But I give them credit for one thing: they chose to challenge SuJu instead of DBSK. Now if it was DBSK written on that scroll… with 800 000 fans… there really WOULD be a sea of red… and I don’t mean the pearl red balloon kind…

  10. well, i read in some website that it is read like a-style. some thing like that. you know,its funny how they challenge super junior, why not try challenging DBSK( i love DBSK!!!), since DBSK is highly popular in asia.

    immature video,immature company.

    i bet the elves will go gaga over this!. hehe.

  11. i think this is hilarious… especially since i could careless for both groups… I`m waiting to see the E.L.Fs reaction…. priceless.. I just hope they won`t buy DSP stocks in order to stop this campaign… this is suicidal to say the least, but oh so entertaining…

  12. I think you pronounce it Astyle 😀 Wow..can’t wait to see what happens next… I don’t think they dare challenge DBSK since I DBSK seems to be alot likeable..idk..I like Super Junior as well..but hey…wonder why as well… Now I am scared for A’st1 😛

  13. A new battle and war between fans of two idol group is coming I suppose. Lol. Can’t wait to see what happen next and their debut.

    Of course, I love Super Junior yet it’s good that they are people who recognizes them and even challenge them in this case. We should be happy for Super Junior, and of course never forget to support our loved ones. Yet, not a way of violence.

    Peace out, people! Super Junior, Fighting!

    Thanks coolsmurf for the news. 😀

  14. I am definitely looking forward to their debut. Thank God for their brave move in the video. It’s quite funny and cute if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Super Junior, but I just think that to make a group/artist stronger, there’s gotta be competition. So I’m really hoping that they are good and I mean A-class good because it would be interesting to see if they can actually knock SuJu down. I mean, they already have it in the “looks” department…now it’s down to the vocals…(and if they’re not that good in vocals…then let’s see which group has better lip-synchers)…

    And I’m already loving Ast’1’s whole strategy of wheeling in people’s thoughts. It’s quite clever, controversial, scandalicious, and down right witty. Lots of props for Ast’1.

  15. Hmm… they sound interesting. Either they’re stupid or they’re damn good. Or both.

    I’m expecting a lot from them. I won’t judge them until I see what they can do, but I know it certainly grabbed my attention to see them lay down a challenge to one of the most popular Korean bands out there. It’s pretty courageous, if a little suicidal.

    Let’s just hope the ELFs won’t ruin things for these guys. It takes a lot of guts to announce themselves like that.

    It’ll be fun to see how things play out :]

  16. I believe DSP has gone crazy. Although it is a good strategy. If (and i mean only if) they ever surpassed Suju (#1 boy band in Korea), that means they proved themselves to be #1. they don’t need to do all those stuff that Dbsk or super junior or ss5501 or big bang or any other bands had gone through to be the top. It’s a good strategy, but I HATE it. Suju had worked very hard to be the top. They will not be “overthrowed” by this newbie. Suju Fighting!!!!!!!!!

  17. By what I have seen and heard the band A’ST1 are pretty good. They sound awesome and they dance pretty decently. I am just happy that new bands are coming out so that there will not be such a monopoly with Super Junior and Dbsk. Everybody should remeber that Super Junior and Dbsk were rivals before they finally became friends. Even if they issued a challenge I think people should give them a chance and see what they have to offer.

  18. …the name doesnt sound good. but again, ss501 doesnt sound good. lots of d boybands doesnt have good names.

    they’ve yet to debut, and already obtained attention. anti-ELFs will support this ast1 group if their single is good, but if it doesnt reach top 5… well. annihilation is on the cards.

    i say the management do something and rectify this situation, explain stuff. the damage has been done, and it’s done on freakin ELFs. but still, do something!

  19. anyway, just before their debut which should be soon, they have already made peace with Suju and they have accepted their apology. nice tactic, use suju name to get noticed first and say sorry in the end.

  20. I’ve downloaded their debut single and music video, and the boys really do impress me. It’s nothing “omfg amazing!” but they’re good for beginners. Do I think it was intelligent for them to do this promotion clip? Not particularly, but it caught my interest when I first saw it.

    There’s also a fine line of the type of music AST1 produces and the type of music Super Junior produces. AST1 is more Backstreet Boy sounding.

    Just to clear any confusion, AST1 is pronounced as “A-Star One”

  21. @laura..i’ve just read your comment, SUPER JUNIOR and DBSK never a rival, they are friends before each of them debuted!!
    they keep their competition but they are really good friends..and don’t forgot they also come from the same company!!

  22. They are in no position to be challenging Super Junior, at least not yet. Their song is good but it doesnt compare to any of Super Junior’s either way I hope Super Junior continues with their succes and I wish these guys good luck

  23. it is pronounced



    1 is “el” in korean.
    my best friend is nuts about them… and she is usually correct about bands… shes been tvxq fan since they debute…. she keeps telling me to listen to them.. but … i am still stuck on tvxq haha.

    who knows… they may be good.

  24. okay so am i the only one that doesnt think that what they did was cool and i do not like them

    wont bother about them though

  25. They said that they envy super junior..and that they want to be like them..just because they said “Knockdown Super Junior”, doesn’t mean they thought they were really going to beat suju..they are really good and i like their songs..just give them a chance before actually criticizing them from one video clip…

  26. well they can actually sing, but i like suju’s choreography better.

    anyway, it’s normal to be competitive in an industry such as this, and if people are getting angry just cause of what some band said, well then they need to get a life, because if they did have one, then ignore it, show them that you don’t see them as a threat and continue supporting suju with all that you got.

    and hey, they just debuted, so it’s no use getting fired up over a newbie band.

    “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”

  27. em….I thunk we can’t compare this….xxxxx with suju….
    I never seen any fans like ELF…so faith for they idol….like me!!!

    soo…..you just like diggin’ your own grave!!!!

    yessss………..suju fighting!!!!!!

  28. @Laura: DBSK and SuJu were NEVER rivals. In fact, most of the members of the two groups are REALLY close friends way before their debut. Take a look at some of the videos of the two groups together and you’ll see that they’re quite close to each other. Objectively, I think the late additions of SuJu (Ryeowook and Kyuhyun) are the ones least close to the 5 DBSK princes but even they are good friends with them.

  29. Oh wow!
    they are going to get lot of anti fans.
    poor them.
    if they don’t stand up and get more fame then they are finished.

    i still prefer suju!

  30. Yeah, true. If they didn’t do this people won’t notice them this much now they might have caught our attention but in a very good way. They shouls have just strived to prove themselves. Now, I watched their music video, well 1/4 of it, I would say that if they didb’t say such stupid things I would have given them a chance, I would atleast take a peek at them, knowing they are in the same company as ss501.

    If they challenge suju, they challenge elf, not a good thing. And they should have known their capabilities, could they really defeat suju? I think not, and even if they could, they are newbies, they should have just shown their humble sides.

    I know this is irrelevant to the topic but from the 2nd pic (top) (excluding the one in red and white stripes) at 1st look they kinda look like jonghun (fti), yesung (suju), donghae (suju), jaejin (fti). but those guys are hotter in my opinion…

  31. AST-1
    A Stupid Tortoise no 1….

    how can they want to challenge suju??haha..go home n sleep..better!!

    suju is so much better!!!
    i never know this A Stupid Tortoise no 1…..

    SuJu n DBSK are very close..
    never fight..DONGBANGJUNIOR,CassiELF!!!
    is one^^

  32. ??????????!!!!
    “Knockdown Super Junior”
    what a brave of them to write the phrase. 😀

    for A’st1;
    listen, keep the words to yourselves. please,

    ELFs fanclubs are killers.. NO JOKE!
    ELF’s themselves knew themselves well.
    Having the stage a fightback and post anti-messages against them to protect their idols and there’s a “bloodbath” is looming ahead in the industry, as expected.

    but anyway your bravery make me salute you in some way 🙂

  33. On Star Golden Bell the hosts pronounced their name as ” A STYLE “.

    I think challenging Super Junior is just a marketing strategy by their company, and they’re not really that mean. I just pity them that their company uses such a stupid marketing strategy. (Thank god they didn’t use DBSK) It takes guts to challenge ELF. These bunch of people in my personal opinion are scary. Frankly, they are the ones that are actually preventing me from joining these fanclubs.

    I heard of the group before reading this article, and they are actually really cute and nice guys. I mean, one day they found two goats outside their house with a note “Please take care of them.” They really did and even brought the goats onto the show.

  34. man i feel bad for them ..
    it’s like are they tring to get killed or what??
    i know they have a japanese person i think his name is TOMO.
    my japanese and i still think suju will win if there were a war.
    you just don’t mess with E.L.F…they are dangerous people!
    SUJU FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. omo i know this is pretty old news but
    i hope they knew how tough the ELF fanclub is i should know im one of them
    please be careful
    ELFs are kinda dangerous and are tough when it comes to Super Junior
    i know im 1 but its true we ELFs are dangerous
    but no worries im nice and well i only attack when it happns the second time
    no hard feelings (RIGHT!)

    ok well SUPER JUNIOR are really nice
    but well
    some ELFs aren’t

    SuJu Fighting!
    (u 2 AST-1 but not literally)

  36. what??? I wanna advise them to go check their brains at hospital. Do they want to die? How can they chllange suju? Do they forget elfs? I know elfs r scary and i m one of them. Elfs only protect their idols. So don’t blame with them.

  37. Super Junior will always be #1. FINAL.
    If this group thinks they will ever beat them, they are wrong.
    Ast’1, you just made a HUGE mistake. You are never going to make it in the music industry like this.



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