Angela Zhang basking in romance using her illness as an excuse?

According to the Taiwanese media, Angela Zhang has been in Canada since applying for leave in February 2008 and was diagnosed with heart mitral valve prolapse after a body check-up in March. This has been her longest break since debuting 8 years ago and is resulting in a staggering amount of revenue lost.


It has been revealed lately that some have seen her with someone in the streets of Vancouver, Canada. This has thus lead to speculation that love has gotten to her head and she is simply trying to earn time to fall in love.

It is also said that Angela’s heart condition is a delaying tactic because her contract with Linfair Records is expiring soon. But Linfair Records Music Producer, Wu Yifen rebuked that rumour, “Her contract has 4 more years to run.” Another saying is that she is delaying her return to Taiwan because of love and her boyfriend is a overseas Chinese working in London and known as Tommy. She once described to friends about Tommy that he is tall, athletic and was introduced to him through friends last summer vacation. He went back to London for work after that but both remained in contact; Tommy once sent a bouquet of flowers for Angela’s autograph session through a friend and he addressed Angela as, “Love-ly” on the card.

Although Angela hasn’t confirmed her romance through official channels, but since last year, whenever there is a break in between filming, she would be on the phone non-stop and even scheduled a long vacation for February this year, with her destination kept a secret. Rumours abound that she was going to London to meet Tommy although she went for body checkup in Canada and found herself being diagnosed with heart mitral valve prolapse instead.

Even Linfair Records has been unable to determine her exact location now and with regards to rumours, Wu Yifen said, “I did see her feeling uncomfortable after performances, she has already sought a second opinion from doctors last Wednesday but we haven’t got a reply yet. We hope that she will return to Taiwan for work at the end of March or early April.

Source: Sina China

8 thoughts on “Angela Zhang basking in romance using her illness as an excuse?

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! So that’s her illnes!!!!! I have been asking people what they meant about Angela having an illness. And I was even more shocked to know we have the same illness!!!! That is why I have been asking people what they meant about her heart illness. OMG!!!! Actually, short for mitral valve prolapse is MVP. What a coincidence in my MVP valentine. Anyway, I hope she gets well, as for me, they say I can get well but it’ll take a long time. And I am not even stressed always unlike Angela!!!!!!!!!! Oh pls… pray for Angela!!!

  2. i think she really needs a vacation. she’s very thin. i also have MVP. i also feel uncomfortable at times. she’s overworked. “Health is wealth”.

  3. OMG!!! let her rest gosh!!! stop following her… she can’t just stay single for the rest of her life making movies and music… she would want a life too… just like everyone… geeez let her love…. gosh… duh!!!!

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