Lee Junki sheds 7 kilos for Iljimae drama

Lee Junki will challenge his first period drama, SBS “Iljimae” who can lay claim to be the Chosun version of Robin Hood and Spiderman meshed together.


Set during the former Joseon Dynasty, Lee Jun Ki plays Iljimae who acts as a useless gangster in the marketplace by day but becomes a chivalrous robber at night who robs corrupt government officials to give to the poor.

For his new role, he spent 8 hours daily to practise the fighting scenes and also set a goal of slimming down. Yesterday at the ceremony to signify the start for the filming of “Iljimae”, Lee Junki looked energized and his face was noticeably slimmer compared to previous times as he revealed that he had shed 7 kilos.

10 million KRW has been poured into the production for “Iljimae” and grand scenes like horse riding and sword fighting scenes are definitely one of the highlights in this drama. Besides Lee Junki, other cast members include Han Hyo Joo, Lee Young Ah, Park Shi Hoo, Ahn Gil Kang, Kim Rae Ha, Lee Moon Shik, etc.

It will start airing in May on SBS television.

41 thoughts on “Lee Junki sheds 7 kilos for Iljimae drama

  1. that guys kind of looks like a girl…

    but anyways can’t wait for that drama, hopefully its got lots of action

  2. i usually don’t watch historical dramas, but i think i might watch this one .. just for lee jun ki and han hyo joO! 🙂

  3. I’ll be looking for it! Can’t wait can’t wait!! 🙂
    Am a fan of Jun Ki, can’t yah tell? 😛

  4. Just wondering- this pic was taken at the dedication ceremony right? Y isn’t han hyo Ju in costume?!! She looks so pretty as Eun Chae!!! Anyway LEE JUN KI AND HAN HYO JU??!!!! I HAVE 2 AGREE- A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he he even if I like jun ki!!! I think together those 2 make a good couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ILJIMAE is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best drama EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beats High Kick as long as i am concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Aloha everyone,

    I absolutely love Lee Jun Ki and his role of Iljimae! My first Korean…. anything! All the action, fighting and love triangles… I loved it…

    Wish there was a Iljimae, the Return… you know?

    He is a little hottie with a cute personality…. Too bad, I could be his mother… LOL!

    Anyway, he totally rocks my boat!

    Wish I could read and understand Korean


  7. Kanani… I know, I want a continuation!! ;_____;
    ^^ One of my favourite dramas now ~ Junki’s acting is to die for!

  8. Iljimae is ok. But “Hong Gil Dong” is better. Its really similar to “Iljimae” but “Hong Gil DOng” the characters and the drama is better than this one. NOt only that….the fighting scenes in “Hong Gil DOng” are way much better. But Iljimae..it seems to fake. Lol. but THey worked hard, & the drama is pretty ok. But “Hong Gil DOng” is wayy cooler and more INTERTAINING. Seriously! Cus if you haven’t seen the drama yet !…please feel free to go watch it at mysoju.com

    its where all the dramas are at. & its for all the people who loves korean, taiwanese/chinese, & japanese dramas & movies. Its a really great and wonderful place for each and everyone of you.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi, i like this movie and i love Lee Jun Ki too i hope to speak with Lee Jun Ki.if you don’t mine please mail me your email address and PH number. Think you for all

  10. Me too, so cool man! I can’t wait to see Iljimae. Lee Jun Ki and Han Hyo Joo does makes a nice couple. 🙂

  11. Diane Yang, my opinion is very opposite than yours. i think iljimae much(1000x) better than hgd. fight scenes in hgd completely-looking unreal, even my nephew realised that. d only reason i watched hgd bcoz jang keun suk was there ..lol

  12. ILjiMAe I likE This drama,,,,
    dramanaya seru banget! tiap2 episodnya ga’ ada yg ga’ seru,,

  13. Iljimae is a really really good drama. At first, when I saw the cover and heard it was a historical drama, I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch it or not. But, one day when I was really bored, I decided to watch it because I had nothing else to do. The storyline was a bit confusing at first, but then I realized that the whole drama is Yong/Gyeom’s (Main character played by LeeJoonKi) flashback.

    I highly recommend it. I’m currently attached to it right now, even though I finished watching it. =)

  14. hong gil gong = strong in expressing emotional
    il ji mae = the fighting scene were so GREAT!
    love bothe dramas!

  15. Yes i dont agree with Daniel yang comment. Lee Jun ki is good in karate. He is good in fight! He got Black belt high level in fighting’karate’. of course his fight scene can be real, even actually they dont touch each other. but i think it look really real…He is very cool. Lee jun Ki oppa,why u dot tell me that you will come to Indonesia???huhu

  16. Iljimae is really good drama! I like it very much! Coz I’ve found out such actor like gorgeous Lee Jun Kee! After Iljimae I’ve watched his 2 drama and 3 movies and all of them are cool! Jun Kioppa fighting! And Iljimae is better than Hong Gil Dong!

  17. i ever love lee jun ki he ever do the best drama i love him and he doesnt seem like a girl.
    Hes very very handsome we love you in Perú.
    Come to visit us

  18. Yeah,i agree with kazakh fan. Iljimae is better than hgd. Better. Iljimae is the best forever

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