With fame, Yoon Eun Hye finds that pain is part of the package…

People often say that problems is part and parcel of the popularity package.


Thanks to the success of “Coffee Prince 1st Shop”, Yoon Eun Hye popularity has not just risen in Korea alone but overseas as well. But more often than not, pain comes along with success which is part of the package.

Despite not having any dramas nor movies at the moment, her numerous product endorsements are already keeping her busy, leaving her with little time to recharge herself. Since her drama filming ended, she appears to be on vacation, but in reality, she is busy fulfiling her product endorsement duties. Basically, she has to work non-stop for around 20 days in a given month. Just this month alone, she has to film CFs for clothing chain, Basic House and Joinus. In early April, she has another v=b CF filming to handle too.

Right now, her product endorsements include Zipel fridges, coffee drink Latte Ditto, artificial eyedrops I20, clothing brands Basic House & Joinus, etc.

Companies who already have other stars on their books to endorse soju, tyres, sweets, fast food restaurants have also extended invitations to her, but because it didn’t fit with her image or schedule, she had to reject them.

And because “Coffee Shop 1st Prince” is highly popular in countries like Japan, China, etc, they have invited her over to promote the drama. But because of her already packed schedule, it’s impossible for her to allocate time for her to visit their countries. The Japanese media apparently got tired of waiting and suggested heading over to Korea in a group to interview her. She is now adjusting her schedule and is set to meet them in early April.

Since becoming an actress, she has become a highly sought after star in the industry. Rumours abound that you had to fork out 5 million KRW per episode for Eun Hye in a drama series. But this is basically not true.

From a relatively newbie actress into a big star now, Yoon Eun Hye is going through a tiring growing up phase. But she’s handling it well thus far!

11 thoughts on “With fame, Yoon Eun Hye finds that pain is part of the package…

  1. It’s my favorite actress.I first saw her in Xman and loved her kind, bubbly and fun presence. It must be difficult for her to work this hard, but i believe she loves every second of it. She worked a lot to accomplish herself and to become one of most loved actresses.

  2. 5Million Krw? isn’t that too low? i read somewhere that she’s one of the highest paid actress in Korea.

    cool blog. but just an advice..you should give credits to the original source of the news.

  3. shes such a stuck up wannabe bitch. her whole strength shit in x-man is all scripted. young warrior my ass.

  4. @west, your comment is uncalled for…

    YEH is not stuck up… she debuted as babyvox young, and was injured by antifans… that’s why she seems aloft. Those who know her history will understand why… YEH shares alot of herself in her own blog… She shares her own self cams generously… As for her strength in xman, you should have seen her carry Kang Ho Dong in Sang Sang Plus season 1…. She really is strong… She also really carried the man lead in Coffee Prince! Maybe not so strong now…

    Dunno why you are soo pissed, but i really think your comment is uncalled for 😦

  5. ichu lu be dich !!!
    yoon euh hye …

    you look a like of my ex girlfriend…

    i see her to you …. =)

  6. @west: wow jealous much calm down girl! I love to see comments like yours coz You are honestly showing your jealous attitude toward her, I know she’s richer, prettier, more popular, smarter, stronger, nicer and she can make her own money unlike your anti-fan assy attitude but you don’t need to say such harsh word girl, you just make yourself look like a dumb btch

  7. eun-hye is a great actress i watch his drama baituos miss..its a great movie..the story is really beautiful..you can relate on the story..please watch it..and it woul be aired on abs-cbn soon..i like it..

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