On Air going strong in storyline and ratings

The drama just gets better and better with each episode.

Finally managed to finished both episodes over the weekend and we still haven’t got to filming the drama yet. But at least four episodes of the drama inside the drama is done and some critical elements have been set in stone.

Loved the scene in Episode 6 where Oh Seung Ah and manager Ki Joon met producer Lee Kyung Min and writer Seo Young Eun at a karaoke room to thrash out an agreement to work together. It was cool to see Seung Ah and Young Eun going to and fro trying to out talk each other while downing glass after glass of several alcoholic beverages mixed together by the earlier.

Having a drinking battle

Just like the two men, Ki Joon and Kyung Min sitting beside them, it was interesting for me to see them going at it without stopping as they just stared at them speechless. They even helped to fill their glasses which was hilarious.

That was the lead-in to the scene where the two of them who normally “can’t stand each other” had their arms draped around each other’s shoulder and sang karaoke together in a heartwarming scene. They probably still hate each other but realise that they have to work together for the greater good.

Karaoke Fun Time #1
Karaoke Fun Time #2

The next scene sees both men carrying them home with both of them obviously dead drunk. But as Ki Joon is driving Seung Ah back home, she springs up suddenly and obviously just acting drunk. That was a nice twist and surprise.

The viewers must be liking what they see thus far as the rating for Episode 6 was 18.1% with KBS “Hong Gil Dong” in second place with just 14.2% while last place belonged to MBC “Who are you?” with a paltry 7.6%.

One-sided crushes

They have started some character development for the four main characters but it’s still difficult to tell who will end up with who. The way I see it, Kyung Min seems to be falling in love with Young Eun, Seung Ah has a crush on Kyung Min, Ki Joon like Young Eun in the past and that’s only for now.

The ending of both Episode 5 and 6 sees Seung Ah’s former manager, Jin Sang Woo resorting to dirty tricks to stop her from turning into a success and is likely to be like this in future. “On Air” certainly offers an interesting look behind the scenes about the entertainment industry and worth turning in if you haven’t.

3 thoughts on “On Air going strong in storyline and ratings

  1. I read this post while I was still at episode 2, and I thought you were nuts, lol. By the time I caught up, (and thank God, I continued) I couldn’t help but agree that it is definitely getting stronger and smarter. Now I couldn’t wait for the next episode to air. On the other hand, “Who are you” is losing its charm very fast.

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